Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am a loyal and enthusiastic reader of blogs.  My sister, Elizabeth, (Sheep in Fog) introduced me to the world of strange internet story-telling and I was hooked right away.  Whenever I stumble across a blog I enjoy, I usually check out the blogs found on their "Blogs I read and Enjoy" column and try those on for size too.  In this way, I've created a long and random list of blogs that I check regularly like a some strange, Omnipotent stalker.  The world of blogging can feel a little voyeuristic- especially when you find yourself reading the weekly happenings of some family you have never met and you find yourself rooting for them and looking forward to reading what's going to happen next. 

In many ways, blogs are like a modern day soap opera - and I am like my dear Nana who never missed an episode of her favorite "programs." 

I know it sounds strange, but I have no idea how or from where I stumbled across this blog:

The Murphree Family

The writer is from Alabama and she mostly blogs about the day-to-day happenings of her family of five. 

I don't know this woman personally, but I know she is a good writer and obviously has an excellent sense of humor (two qualities I find very important in a person).   I admit I admire any person who puts a photo of her two year old screaming and crying on her masthead - I mean, that's just funny.   (whoops!  I just checked the Murphrees' blog and the masthead has changed, but you'll have to believe me that it was genuinely hysterical.  Picture a Christmas photo with two angelic, smiling children posed beautifully next to one little kid screaming his head off while dressed in a holiday-themed romper suit!) 

I find this blogger's story compelling particularly in light of the recent catastrophes in her home state and I wanted to share the following post of hers with all 12 of my regular readers.  (obviously, the best readers in the world).

click here if you missed the link above!

I know we've all been reading about the recent storms in Alabama in the newspapers and most of us have seen footage of the destruction on tv news reports, but for some reason, reading about the storms on this woman's blog and seeing her accompanying photos, really brought the devastation of the region home to me.  I think this is why I like blogs so much.  Not only are they a way to help us remember the daily events in our own lives, they also help us understand and witness things that are happening around our country and around our world.  It's one thing to read an article in the New York Times about tornadoes rampaging through the south but to read an eye-witness account and see the storm-damaged areas through her eyes is something entirely different. 

Please, check it out and let me know if you agree.

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