Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Lacrosse Player is Born

Georgia's life is not just about duchesses, ballet and pink, flowy tutus.  She is also playing soccer and is on her very first lacrosse team. 

The day after the ballet performance, Georgia switched back into sports mode to play a lacrosse game:

As you can see from these photos, Georgia is not the tallest 2nd grader out there and her uniform is more than a little bit too large for her.

But what she lacks in height and girth, she makes up in speed and determination.

Georgia loves lacrosse.

You will remember that our town doesn't have a lacrosse program for girls at this age, so Gordy did some research and found a spot for Georgia on a neighboring town's team.

It seems a little odd to see Georgia decked out in blue and gold, but we are very, very grateful that she is able to play this year. 

The girls have been playing together for a little over a month and they are improving every week.

The games (and the practices) have been fun to watch.

Here we are - all bundled up and wishing we had heavier coats.  This is a spring sport in name only, apparently.

We are so glad that Georgia has found another sport to love.

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