Saturday, May 28, 2011

Game Seven

We were invited to our friends, Chris and Heather's house to watch game 7 of the Bruins / Tampa Bay hockey series.  The very handy Chris set up a tv projector and we watched the game outside, projected onto the side of their house.  (photos taken by Gordy's blackberry)

It was a very fun way to watch a hockey game. 

It was also a fun way to exhaust our children, who played lacrosse and then a strange made-up hybrid of soccer and rugby.  It is not very often that we get to witness a group of children (ages 6 -13) choose teams, create rules and play an entirely new sport without any help or suggestions from their parents.   It is even more rare for said game to go smoothly and for said children to work out any problems by themselves.  Watching them get along was almost as much fun as watching the hockey game.

Notice I said "almost" - there's no need for you die-hard hockey fans to get yourselves into a tizzy.

I confess that it was my children who caused the one moment of parental interference during the night.  A time out had to be called while a ball-hit mouth was inspected and an accusation of being bit was addressed.   But in our defense, it was almost 10 o'clock and way past the six year old in question's bedtime.

For dessert, Chris and Heather started a fire pit and we roasted marshmallows.  I say "we" but Gordy and I were the only adults to join the children hovering over the flames with marshmallows and sticks.  Why we were the only adults, I have absolutely no idea.  Perhaps no one else has any sense?

The Bruins won but only after I had taken my filthy, exhausted girls and gone home.  The hard-core hockey watchers stayed until the dramatic end.

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