Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Reconstruction Update

We are so very happy to report that we are almost finished with Phase I of our reconstruction project.  After a few grueling weeks, our first floor is almost back to normal. 

I'm not saying the process has been a whole lot of fun.  For two weeks, we lived with almost our entire first floor's worth of furniture in our family room:

And our front hallway was filled with the pieces that were too large to fit through the kitchen:

While the plaster was going up, the construction crew put up plastic tarps in the doorways and tried their best to keep the dust contained, but (no surprise, I'm sure) there was still white dust EVERYWHERE.

The dining room was the first room to be "finished."  I'll tell you why I put that word in quotation marks in a moment.  For now, take a moment to ooh and aah over the lack of chairs in our family room:

This is a very deceiving picture since if you look closely, you will see that the living room chairs are still in the family room and if you look at the photo below, you will see that there is still plenty of extra furniture behind the couch.  Sigh.

Here is the dining room:

... brand new ceiling, brand new paint job and newly restored dining room set and rehung drapery.

But there is still one important thing missing:

The chandelier is still hanging in my utility room.  The good news is that it actually dried and it still works!  The bad news is that it desperately needs to be cleaned and one has to hire a professional chandelier cleaner to do the job and I have yet to locate one. 

Our front hall is clear of all furniture, which is very nice:

And our living room is finished even though it's waiting to be refurnished.

Today, the painter and his crew came to finish up the side hall and our mudroom. 

Phase II will be the upstairs.  This will be the more intrusive phase - the hardwood floors have to be redone and then the baseboard/moldings and painting.  We just learned from our builder that he will need three weeks lead time to "let the hardwood acclimate to our house."  While we welcome the opportunity to get to know our hardwood before we walk on it, three weeks seems excessive. 

Hopefully, by the summer our house will be back to normal.  Hopefully.


Elizabeth said...

In the fifth picture down, you have a sad face in your living room. Just FYI.

Martha said...

Ewww. Creepy.

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