Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Town Fair

We attended our Town Fair this past weekend. 

A local woman's charity puts on the town fair annually as a fundraiser for the work it does throughout the year.  The fair runs from Friday evening to late Saturday night and it is the most exciting event on the calendar as far as most of the town's children are concerned.  Since he is now a big fifth grader, Henry was given permission to join a few friends in their parent-free group, leaving Gordy and I alone with only two children to look after.

The girls both wanted to try The Sizzler first.  Gordy refuses to go on any "spinning" rides and I refuse to go on any "falling" rides.  We are the Jack Sprat and Wife of amusement park rides.

Since the Sizzler was a spinning attraction and Josie was not tall enough to ride without a parent, it was up to me to join the girls in the car:

It was actually a lot of fun.

Josie chose the next ride - the carousel:

Which meant that it was Georgia's turn after that.  Georgia has never met a ride she didn't want to try.  I don't know if it's bravado or a general lack of common sense, but Georgia prefers her rides scary, dizzying and full of drops.

Below is a photo of Georgia (in jeans) with her legs up so as to get a better thrill from this ride:

Although it is impossible to tell from the picture, the ride itself is actually spinning around at top speed and rising and falling at the same time. 

Georgia is the girl with her mouth open (above) who you can see between the two green posts, facing the camera.

It was Gordy's turn to supervise the next ride -- a mini-roller coaster with blasting top-40 music:

Georgia and Josie tried the slide:

And the haunted house:

And ended with a trip on the ferris wheel.  Henry met back up with us at the appointed hour.  He had spent most of his time either waiting in the long lines of the "older kid" rides or wandering around with his group talking to other pre-teens.  He couldn't really say for sure. 

He was able to articulate the fact that he had not had anything to eat since before he left home.  I've never met a child who eats more than Henry.  I'm considering the purchase of a feeding bag.  We made a stop at the concession stand for some cotton candy and a fried dough for Josie (who had never had such an item before but was intrigued by the sprinkle cans of powdered sugar and cinnamon).

Our Saturday soccer and lacrosse commitments made it impossible for us to go back to the fair a second day.  When we said good-bye on Friday night, it was until next year. 

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