Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Closet Frenzy: The Aftermath

Josie is a hard-core fashionista.  And some times when you are a fashionista looking for the perfect outfit, you find yourself having to pull every article of clothing off your shelves until you uncover just the right thing to wear.  It's called a Closet Frenzy and many fashionistas have them.

And even though it is fun to pretend that you are a baby bird sitting in your nest, you still have to clean up the mess you have created:

A fashionista is not a diva, after all.

And six is never too early to know how to fold and organize.

Or to play around with a pair of tan short pants.

One might get tired and bored of folding... but a fashionista lives by the motto:  "She who makes the mess, cleans the mess."

And perhaps "Fashion is not for the faint at heart."

Folding takes great concentration:

As does using hangers:

But the reward of a neatly organized closet is worth every pulled hand muscle and sore back:

Voila!  One closet with no trace of frenzy!

And another perfect hiding place discovered!


ginmommy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog :) I understand about the fashionista!! My 4 year old daughter is one too :)

Martha said...

You're welcome! And thanks for stopping by.

Are you worried about the teenage years with your fashionista, too?

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