Sunday, June 12, 2011

Invasion of The Smurfettes

My girls have been begging me to let them get a streak of color in their hair.

A STREAK OF COLOR.  IN THEIR HAIR. if they were teenagers or something.

Georgia even went so far as to ask the hair cutter at her last trim if such a thing is possible.  

"You mean, a permanent streak of color?"  asked the hairdresser, in a manner that was way too excited to convey to you using mere words.

"No!" I said, "she means washable."

But that's not at all what Georgia meant.  And we both knew it.

I did what I often do in these situations, I put it out of my mind and hoped Georgia and Josie would too.

But then while in the drug store searching for sunscreen, I found this:

Clip on color!  And by Crayola, no less.

A small comb and clip later and voila:

Instant Avril Lavigne!

Josie wore hers in a ponytail.

Georgia preferred a more free-flowing look.

Fun, removable color.... and no showers required.  What could be better!


elisabethellington said...

Wow! I am pretty sure I didn't think of color in my hair until I was at least 13! Now that I've seen theirs, I want a blue streak too!

Martha said...

I like it too! I would have preferred a black streak so I could be a reverse skunk.

I've been working on a comment of my own for YOUR last blog post! For what it's worth until then, I think you are doing a fabulous job and more importantly, are doing everything right. It will get easier and you will have moments of happiness and peace. And you'll like being a parent - at least on some days!

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