Thursday, June 23, 2011

Josie, age six

We are nearing the end of the daily Mommy/Josie lunches.  School is coming to a slow end and there are more than a few half-days in our future.  Soon the older kids will be joining us and just as soon, the school year will start again and Josie will eat her lunch in the cafeteria with the other children.  I will miss my lunches with Josie.

Josie is starting to get more grown up -- although she still manages to get some pretty bizarre, little-kid-like injuries.  This facial cut/ bruise happened before school the other day.  I wasn't in the basement with the girls, but I got down there pretty quickly when the screaming started.... something about the coffee table falling on Josie and maybe hitting her nose.... it's all a great mystery to me.  All I know is that afterward, she looked like the above.

Josie still loves to dress up.  She brought a bandana to me the other day and asked me to tie it around her chin "so she could take her baby for a walk."  

She looked like she was taking that baby on a boat ride back to the old country, if you asked me.

I've been through this process twice before.  Henry and I used to hang out in the afternoons after kindergarten while Georgia and Josie napped.  And Georgia and I used to do the same thing while Josie napped on her own and Henry was in school.  As the pre-school and kindergarten years end, you still get to hang out with your children, but you are forced to carve out the time in order to do so.  It takes a little more effort and maneuvering.

The end of the year also means the arrival of a year's worth of art projects.  Josie brought home this lobster hat:

We made Gordy wear it at dinner that night

And while Georgia mocked him endlessly...

Josie demonstrated how a lobster uses his antenna to feel for food on the ocean floor:

Ah, that Josie.  The afternoons aren't going to be the same without her.


Angela said...

The days will certainly be different next year! I'm guessing the first grade teachers will somehow lure these 6 year olds to the cafeteria without a stream of goldfish on the floor...
Happy Summer!

Martha said...

ha! Perhaps they should! Happy Summer to you too. (at least today it feels like summer!)

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