Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moving On Up

Last Tuesday, Henry Moved On.

I guess they don't call it graduating, when you are only in fifth grade.

It was just like a graduation, if you ask me.  There were diplomas handed out and hands shaken.

The fifth graders lined up on risers in the school auditorium and sang songs for the parents.

My sister Elizabeth time travelled again to stand in front of her nephew and make sure he knew the lyrics.

Speeches were made about the importance of remembering your roots and the good times at elementary school.

Henry's teacher is the woman on the right wearing the fabulous mary janes - boy, was she an amazing teacher.

At last it was time for the students to walk across the stage and get their reward.

We were very proud.

Afterward, there was a nice reception given by the fourth graders and their parents.  

Gordy was away on business, so it was just the females of the family cheering for Henry.

Next year, Henry will be a middle schooler and in three short years, he will be in high school.  He is very excited and therefore, so am I.  

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