Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A New England Hillbilly

For the last few days, Josie has been walking around with a hanging, snaggled, loose tooth.  In other words, for a week, we've all been living with our very own hillbilly.

Josie likes the whole concept of the tooth fairy and her bag full of money, but she is not enamored by the tooth-loosing side of the equation.  Josie is not a fan of pain, however small, and she is convinced that pulling a loose tooth will result in agony beyond her six-year-old comprehension.  Nothing we could say would convince her to touch that tooth or tug it in anyway.

But then we went to Henry's lacrosse game on Sunday and Josie and Georgia played a rough game of tag... and one bump to the face later, Josie no longer looked like Nanny McPhee.

Miraculously, the girls found the tooth lying in grass.  

Gordy's parents were visiting for the day and Josie was able to show Grandma her new smile:

Josie was excited about this turn of events for two reasons:  she was eager to add to her famous Money Collection and she wanted to take the opportunity to ask the Tooth Fairy a very pressing question.  Josie has always wanted to know exactly what the Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth she collects.  There are various theories floating around our house.  Does she use them to build a tooth-brick house?  Does she give them to babies who need teeth?  The possibilities are endless.

Last night, Josie put a note under her pillow along with the tooth and this morning she got a letter back:

The Tooth Fairy thought she was being really clever but the joke was on me, since Josie appeared at my bedside at 5 am this morning to get me to read what the Fairy had written.  I wonder what Josie's next question will be?  At least we have a while before I find out... she's out of loose teeth at the moment.


Granny said...

Teeth into fairy dust - very clever of the tooth fairy!

Martha said...

Thank you!

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