Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Pool Opens

We had a hard time getting up and going to school on Tuesday - Memorial Day weekend was just too much fun.  The warm weather has finally arrived and even though there's a month left of school, the pool is now open.  It just seems weird to be in school when it's 80 degrees and the pool is calling you.

Gordy took Georgia and Josie swimming on Saturday while Henry and I did some food shopping.  The pool we belong to is not a large facility, but it is next to a beautiful lake where the kids can sail.  The pool club is an old one and we know many people our age who were members when they were kids and whose parents were members when they were growing up.  For the first two years we belonged, the pool followed the tradition of most storied, New England aquatic institutions and was unheated.  This made swimming in May, June and most of July a painful and miserable event.  Georgia and Josie would always try to swim in the freezing cold water, but Henry's little body basically shuts down if he so much as puts a toe into an unheated pool, so he avoided it like the plague.  I'm fairly certain that Henry went in the pool a total of five times the first two years we belonged to the club.  

We were new members, so I did my best to find out what the deal was with the frigid pool temperature without sounding like I was complaining.  When asked why the club didn't invest in a pool heating system, most people would sigh and explain that retrofitting such an old pool wasn't practical or they would laugh and tell a good anecdote about summers past when they were young and the pool was REALLY freezing.  Most native New Englanders consider un-swimmable pool temperatures to be a rite of passage.... something that builds good New England character.

I'm from New Jersey, where un-swimmable pool temperatures are just considered annoying.  I began to consider buying full wet suits so that my children could get through a half-hour swim lesson without getting frostbite.  (I'm not joking about this either.  The swim instructors all wore wetsuits so that they could stay warm during the two hours of swim lessons each morning!)

Over a year ago, the pool sent out an on-line questionnaire to members asking for suggestions on making the pool better and nearly everyone who responded said the same thing "HEAT THE POOL."  I think this unanimous response was quite shocking to some of the die-hard, old-school board members.  Maybe it's the arrival of too many people from New Jersey, but New England is starting to change.  

Our pool is now heated and it's wonderful.  This is the second summer that everyone has been able to comfortably use the pool from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.  

The pool was even warm enough that Georgia decided to take her second (and last) swim test that is required to swim in the deep end without parental supervision.

She passed!  

Josie has some more work to do before she will be able to take her test - a fact that does not go over too well with Josie, herself.  With the same mindset that pushed her to toilet train herself at age 2 and learn to ride a two-wheeler when she had just turned 4, Josie is going to learn that perfect crawl and get across that pool two times this summer.  If It Kills Her.  She is a firm believer in the mantra "if it's good enough for Henry and Georgia, it's good enough for me."

You go, Josie!

After a good afternoon of swimming, Gordy snapped a photo of Josie and Georgia with our good friends, Ella and Mia.  It was a perfect first day of "summer."

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