Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Trip To The Rainforest

Guess who took a quick trip to the rain forest the other day?  

The canopy layer was filled with hanging vines, colorful birds and lizards...

... and the occasional impish monkey.  The rain forest was vibrant, busy and filled with the noises of many wild and exotic animals.

This is my third journey to the rain forest and I'm happy to see that things haven't changed too much.  On my first trip, Henry introduced me to the toucan and Josie (a happy one year old in a stroller) tagged along just for fun (or maybe for lack of babysitter, I don't really remember).

Now it is Josie's turn to present an animal to her classmates and fellow travelers and she chose the two-toed sloth.  Josie finished her project pretty early on and has been reporting to me almost daily about the arrival of her classmate's projects.

She had a great deal to say about this amazing snake:

And this impressive piranha:

And of course, she was blown away by her friend who made a stuffed snake ... "that she can even play with" according to Josie.

Although it's hard to see, Josie was wearing a special rain forest headband that she made in school.  Originally, she was wearing a dress with parrots on it (chosen specifically for its rain forest animal theme) but at the last minute, Josie decided that the dress wouldn't look good with her homemade binoculars and she had to change quickly before school.  

With the exception of me (who has been known to try on the entire contents of my closet just to find the right outfit to go to the recycling center), I've never met anyone who spends more time figuring out her outfits than my Josie.  She thinks through every occasion and usually is the only one prepared for any variable.  I think the polite way to describe her would be to say she's "quite a character."

The children sat at their seats while the parents walked around and asked questions about the animals.  We asked how the child made the animal, and most answered honestly, "I didn't - my Dad did it."  Which, in most cases, was fairly obvious.  We also asked about where in the rain forest the animal lived and what it ate.  

This is not the easiest of exercises for Josie.  Believe it or not, Gordy and I actually created a shy child.   When I watch Josie interact (or rather NOT interact) with adults, I think of how I acted as a sullen teenager in the '80's.  I really perfected the head down grunt followed by a not so subtle eye-roll.  I'm sure my parents were really proud.

Luckily for me, Josie doesn't  doesn't grunt or roll her eyes - yet.  She just looks to the floor and hopes that if she ignores them for long enough, the adult will just go away.

Eventually, she escaped the interrogation by getting up and Seeing What The Other Kids Had Made.  This was an impressive ploy considering the fact that each child had presented their animal individually to the class as they brought their project in and Josie always pays attention.  

I had a very good time but I'm not sorry to say good-bye to the artificial rain forest of kindergarten.  Next year, Josie will study Africa and I will attend my third and final Safari Day.  I am getting used to the firsts and lasts of raising children.  


Granny said...

Was that Josie's two toed sloth on the plate in front of her?

Martha said...


Angela said...

Thanks for the photos! Can't wait for our trip to Africa!

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