Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Canobie Lake Park

After making their way up the Eastern Seaboard and spending some time with Granny and Grandfather, Southern Sister and Southern Cousins arrived at our house for a few days of fun.  We try to do different things with the Southerns each year and having done the beach and various museums in the past, we decided to introduce Meredith, Lily & Avery to a venerable New England institution:  Canobie Lake Park.

It was an extremely hot day - I think it hit the high nineties back at our house.  But being next to the lake and under mature shade trees helped with the heat at the amusement park.  We felt hot all day, don't get me wrong, but the heat wasn't unbearable and the kids were having so much fun that I'm not even sure they noticed the heat at all.  

Canobie Lake Park is a real treasure.  It's clean, well-run and full of the nicest college-aged employees you will ever meet.  It was also strangely empty but that was probably due to the excessive heat.  We've been to Canobie many times and this was the first time we ever got on rides without at least a brief wait in line.

Since it is closest to the parking lot, the kids started out on the log flume.  

I should take a minute to tell you that until this day at Canobie, Henry has never been a fan of the roller coaster.... or of anything that has a drop .... or a spin.... or a twirl.  You could even say that Henry wasn't really a fan of amusement parks at all.  But he was feeling brave and he climbed into the front of that hollowed-out log and gave it a try.

And it was a success!  It took him a few more hours, but eventually, Henry was riding the old-fashioned wooden roller coaster and the Boston Tea Party water ride.  

And what's more, he actually was enjoying them.  

Good for you, Henry!

Josie encountered the usual problem with her height.  She is too small for many of the rides that she would like to try and she is too old for the rides she is tall enough to do.  Luckily for her, Josie has two very nice cousins (and occasionally a brother and sister) who joined her on some of the more "kiddie" rides.

She was not, however, able to go on the upside-down, spinning roller coaster called the cork screw.

Henry and Avery were tall enough, but they have common sense.

Only Lily and Georgia gave it a try:

That's Lily, third from left, smiling at the camera as the ride began.

And here are the two family daredevils at the end of the coaster, alive and well:

Josie was tall enough to go on the Boston Tea Party - another water-flume that is geared for the more mature guest.

These pictures are from early on in the day, when Henry was still uncertain about whether or not he was ready to try this kind of ride.  If you stand where Henry is standing and the ride goes by you, an enormous wave of water splashes up and soaks you.  

Here is comes, Henry!  The water felt VERY good on such a hot day.

We took a break in the afternoon for some sweets.  

Josie got a caramel apple which instantly melted and had to be placed in a cup to keep from landing on the floor.

Everyone else got ice cream that melted almost immediately.

Southern Sister got nostalgic and had a soft-serve.

I was there, too!

After snack, Josie went on a flying pirate ship.  It was the cutest thing to see her little head pop up and wave.  She looked like she was having so much fun that the rest of the kids joined her on the second ride.  You could take a second ride because there was literally NO ONE else waiting in line.  On some rides (mostly the kiddie ones), we felt like we had the entire park to ourselves.

We tried to swings (that's Georgia in the middle there).

Josie did the bumper cars:

And I even went on a few spinning rides:

There was one ride which I did not want to do.

In fact, after watching it for a few minutes, I didn't even want any of my loved ones to do it:

It was new and called Untamed and it was FRIGHTENING!


Lily debated going on, but Georgia was all ready in line when I had to pull her out.

There was no way, I was going to let my 30 pound 8 year old get on something with a vertical drop.  

Georgia was not pleased with me.

Lily couldn't make up her mind (who could blame her) so we moved on and tried the old fashioned cars. I let Josie drive the car we shared and I'm glad to know she has a few more years before she will legally be allowed to drive on the actual road.   I'm not sure if Josie ever broke 1/4 mile an hour and she was pretty heavy on that break pedal.

Those of us who aren't scared of heights, went on the tram ride across the park which gives you a wonderful view of the lake:

And of Lily:

And of Henry, if you were luckily enough to be riding with him:

And that's when Henry decided to throw all his fears to the wind and try that Cannonball roller coaster.

The Cannon Ball is an old, wooden roller coaster similar to the Cyclone in Coney Island, New York.  The main part of the roller coaster goes through the parking lot and there isn't a spot to watch the ride and take photos.  The above shot is of our kids on their way up to the start.  Henry loved the ride so much that he went back two more times and then went back to the Boston Tea Party and tried that.

Who would have ever guessed?

Little Miss Short-Statured and I went on the tea cup rides while we waited for the roller coaster to finish.  

The Tea Cups are my favorite of all rides.  What a dignified way to be entertained.

We arrived at Canobie Lake at 2:00 and we didn't leave until 8:00pm, so it's safe to say that we tried everything.  

And I do mean EVERYTHING...  Lily even went on Untamed....

Bye-Bye, Lily!  See you at the bottom!

Maybe next time, Georgia!  But you might want to start eating your meat and veg!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Gotta tell you, I do love Henry's shirt. Go Phillies! Megan

Martha said...

ha! Megan, just to show you how little I know about baseball... I read your comment and said to myself "does henry HAVE a phillies shirt?" I had to go back to the blog photos and see! We got that shirt for free in Philly last fall and I'm sure he's worn it 1000 times without me knowing what it was. I think I thought it was lacrosse related. Boy am I lame when it comes to sports. Thanks for stopping by! -Martha

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Martha, that looks like SO MUCH FUN! And your rides look so much like the ones we have at Alabama Adventure.

Anonymous said...

Hello Martha,
While I have always liked sports, my sports life completely ramped up with the arrival of 2 boys. We once took a whole sports vacation. Pittsburgh Pirates game, Colts training camp, 2 Cubs games and a stop at the Football Hall of Fame. I think my boys should consider themselves lucky - I really enjoyed it all. I do hope to see you on your next visit through PA. Megan

Martha said...

Ah yes, Megan - you are right. kids do bring out the sporty side of us. I remember elizabeth telling me about that vacation of yours, it sounded like a lot of fun. -M

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