Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Creature Feature

Before he moved on, Henry had one last school presentation:  The Creature Feature.

The Creature Feature was a three part presentation.

Josie and I met Henry's class in the school library.

The first part of the presentation was watching and listening to Henry's multi-media report on the hedgehog.  Sharing a pair of headphones between us, Josie and I learned about the life, love and tragedy of the common hedgehog.

We also watched and listened to the presentations of some of Henry's friends.

Part two of the afternoon, was listening to the oral presentations which focused on the research method used by the students.

The children did this part of the program in pairs.

Last portion was reading the written report itself:

I've been to business meetings that haven't been this well-thought out and complex.  I was very impressed.  Maybe we should skip middle school and go right to the work place.

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