Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Day At The Pond

Josie (6), Henry (11), Ned (8), Zach (13), Georgia (8)

We got to spend a fun day at Grandma & Grandpa's house last weekend and we were able to see The Male Cousins.  Zach and Ned were visiting from the midwest and we had a blast playing with them in the pond.

It was a cloudy, over-cast day but it was still warm enough for the children to put on their bathing suits and get right into the water.  It's not a huge pond, but it's deep and Grandma and Grandpa have tons of fun water toys to keep five children entertained.  

Don't ask me why Henry was wearing a life vest in this picture.  He's actually a good swimmer.  Maybe he had just gotten out of a kayak?  He definitely tried all the available boats and toys.

Josie tried the single kayak this year as well.  She continues to live by the motto "If the Big Kids can do it, then I can do it."  Only sadly, in this case, she wasn't quite big enough to do it.  

She tried, though, so that's something.

They ALL tried the kayaks at one point or another.  Grandma and Grandpa had two kayaks which came with the house and then they bought a few more for the grandchildren to use.  No doubt, they are still remembering when the children were really young and sharing/turn waiting was very difficult.

Originally, we had thought we might spend only the morning at the Pond and then go play mini-golf in the near-by town, but Grandma thought the Saturday crowds might make the afternoon plans less than fun.  Instead, we spent the entire day pond-side, watching the kids boat, splash and spend time together.

After her solo attempt, Josie got Gordy to take her on another trip around the Pond.  She announced upon their return that it was much more fun with Daddy paddling.  Hear, hear!

Zach rowed Henry and Ned out into the deeper water to do flips off the bat.  This was probably Henry's favorite part of the day.  He LOVES to flip into the water and it's completely forbidden at our pool.

Eventually, Zach jumped off the boat, too and he then swam / dragged the boat back to shore.  Pretty impressive feat of strength for a 13-year-old, no?

My friend, Janet, will get a particular laugh out of the above picture.  Henry once took her son, Justin, out on the row boat at our pool, forgot to tie the row boat up once at the sailboat and then made Justin jump in to the lake to rescue the row boat and bring it back to the mooring.  Not only is Henry a gentleman, but he's also a wonderful host.  ha, ha!  From the looks of the picture, Henry is back to his old tricks!

Needing to take a break from the water sports, Georgia and Josie painted in the kitchen for a while.

and then we called all the children outside to get Grandma & Grandpa's annual holiday card photo.  (see above)  

We also thought it would be fun to take a photo of the oldest and youngest grandchild.

Josie was feeling a little short next to her tall cousin!

What about the adults, you ask?  This is what we did all day:

We relaxed by the Pond and enjoyed ourselves.  Having older children is sure a whole lot more fun than having babies!  

The best idea of the day goes to Grandpa (or was it Jon, now I can't remember!) who tied the inflatable basketball hoop to an anchor so that we didn't have to kayak and rescue Josie every ten minutes as she drifted away to the neighbors across the Pond.

Sadly, we couldn't tie up the basketball... that we had to rescue more than once until we pulled out of the water and declared it "resting" for the remaining parts of the afternoon.

Zach, Ned, Cathy and Jon had a few more days left of their vacation, but the Elliots left after dinner.  Josie fell asleep in the car - a sure way to judge a great time!

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