Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gardening With Granny

My parents love to garden and when we are Maine, my girls love to join them on their daily rounds.

On this visit, Georgia and Josie helped pick blueberries, peas, sugar snap peas and tomatoes.

Dorothy, the bull dogge, helped.

The girls (human and canine) concentrated on what, in Jane Austen's time, would be referred to as a "kitchen garden."  They inspected the fruit and vegetable areas and helped remove a 3-inch long Tomato Worm from the plants.  

Granny showed the girls how to pick peas off the vine.

See?  Success!

She also showed them how to open the pod and eat the sweet peas inside.

They headed next to the blueberry bushes and picked a pint or two of berries.

They gave me one to try....

Eck!  Sour!  Very Sour!

Ha!  Just kidding.  It was actually very good - much better than the sad grocery-store berries we've been buying lately.

I got a tour of the peach "orchard."  My parents are letting these peaches ripen on the tree, so no one has tried one yet.  They looked delicious.

Josie spent some time in the potting shed, watching the captured Tomato Worm.  My mother uses the organic method of insecticide known to us all as Granny's Bucket of Death (it's really just water and dish soap) which she brings out to deal with Tomato Worms and Japanese Beetles.

I took a walk among some of the flower beds, as well.

And Josie joined me as she is wont to do.

At home, we do not have enough sunny yard to have any type of garden.  It's too bad, because the children love it so.  Perhaps, next year we'll do a container garden of some sort.

Until then, we will just enjoy the garden in Maine.

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