Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glow Stick Night

At the end of the sailing season every year, our pool has Glow Stick Night.  All the sailing students decorate their boat with glow sticks and then every one sails out to meet another town's sailing program in the middle of the lake.  This year, Georgia joined Henry and Ethan in their boat.

We got to the lake at 6:30 to pick up the glow sticks and start the decorating process.  

Henry and Ethan had planned out their design ahead of time.  They chose a Boston Bruins theme which centered around a large, glow-stick Stanley Cup and the B logo.

The Stanley Cup looked amazing when they were finished and the boys received great praise from their fellow sailors.  I was impressed with how they did it all by themselves.  We parents just stood around watching and talking.

and playing with Lauren (who is now one!).

The sun began to set and while the kids finished up their work, we parents started to make our own plans.  Lauren and Kathy went home to bed but Josie, my baby, had no interest being left behind while all the other children enjoyed the night on the lake.

Josie and I made the split second decision to win ourselves seats on our pool's motor boat, The Queen.  

We hunted down the right people, batted our eyelashes, begged a little bit and were granted permission.  It looked like the entire family would be enjoying Glow Stick Night!

And then, the unthinkable happened.  The packing tape and hockey stick tape we brought with us did not stick properly on the sail and the Stanley Cup and logo fell off once the sail was in place on the boat.

The other boaters were all starting off for the main part of the lake, Josie, Gordy and I were boarding the Queen.... Ethan and Henry had to do some quick thinking.

Abandoning their theme, the boys made loops out of their glow sticks and hung them from the mast and boom instead and Ethan taped some to the boat's sides as Henry pushed them off the dock.  

Everything was okay.

This was my first time on the lake with the sailors.  The moon was full and there were probably 90 decorated boats out on the water.  The Queen moved slowly around the other boats, keeping everyone safe and contained.  The children sailed around each other, playing a water/boat version of bumper cars and screaming back and forth to each other.  It was a beautiful sight.

At 8:45, the sailing instructors called it a night.  Our town's sailors were instructed to start home.  There wasn't much wind that night, so most of kids had to paddle the long way back.  Henry, Ethan and Georgia made it back to the dock many minutes after the Queen had arrived.  Henry and Ethan said it was the best Glow Stick night ever and Georgia had witnessed enough to be extremely excited about the prospect of sailing herself next summer.  It was the perfect end to the season.

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Anonymous said...

Sad we missed it but we were away. We will be there next year though! tmm

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