Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ikea: The Home of the Amazing Sticky-Bun

And, oh yeah, they sell furniture there, too.

I don't really need an excuse to go to Ikea and eat Scandinavian pastries, but it helps to have an additional reason for making the long trek to Sweden's Home of Sticky Goodness.  On this trip, my excuse was that we desperately needed to rid our dining room of this:

We have piles and piles of homeless books lying around our house.  The Great Office Decorating Project of 2011 displaced a large collection of books and with the whole ice dam remodel and subsequent furniture removal, the books ended up here in the refugee camp known as the Dining Room Corner.  My goal at Ikea was to find them a bookshelf that they could call their own.  And what was even better news, was said bookshelf would be built in the basement where all of our other books reside.  Our book case draught would be over and the books would find a new forever home.

The wretched children came with me to Ikea.

I call them wretched because that is how they acted while in the store.  It ends up that large, cavernous spaces and multiple knick-knacky items make for a lethal combination to the Elliot children.  Not to mention their giddy anticipation of the delectable Sticky-bun.

We were unable to find the exact bookshelf that we were looking for, but we found this one and after listening to Henry correct Georgia for the 5,000th time, I gave up looking and wrote down the number of the bookshelf I was closest too.

Actually, I had Henry write down the number because I figured that would take him mind off of his sister's various infractions.  

Are all older siblings this way?  Henry can be quite the little tyrant, when he wants to.

The bookshelf was the only piece of furniture we needed, so I moved the children quickly along the rest of the sales floor, stopping only to let them amuse themselves in the hall way of mirrors.

And in the children's furniture area which, let's face it, is really amazing and fun.

While I waited for my children to finish playing with the various pre-school toys, I spotted these:

What are they?  I have no idea.  But they are plump and light up and they are C-U-T-E.  I decided that we needed to bring them home.

And then I promptly dragged the kids to the marketplace to keep myself from buying any thing else.

Oh, how I love Ikea's marketplace.  Some day, I will go to Ikea by myself and really look around.

But today, I had three children in tow, so we went through the shelves pretty quickly.

At the self-serve section, I put Henry in charge of the cart.  After all, the whole "distract the child from being mean to his sister by writing the item number" concept had worked before.  Sadly, arming an 11 year old boy with a large, rolling cart was probably not the best idea.  He had to be relieved of his duties after the second time he banged into my leg and broke my skin.

We loaded our bookshelf on as easily as we could and headed for check-out and those amazing, gooey buns.

But first, I insisted that we pack up the car

Co-operation and good-will ruled the day.  Faced with only minutes to go before the greatest sugar high of their lives, Henry, Georgia and Josie started behaving.  They were actually quite helpful.

And they were rewarded.


And just as big as their head!

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