Thursday, August 18, 2011

JP Knit & Stitch

Last February, my college friend, Jennifer, opened a knit/craft shop in Jamaica Plain.  Since Henry was spending his mornings this week down the road at Hockey camp, Josie, Georgia and I decided to drop in on the knitters and stitchers and check things out for ourselves.

The store was GORGEOUS.  The shelves were covered with beautiful spools of yarn and colorful fabrics.  There was a class area for, well, classes and a sitting area where spouses and children could wait while one perused the shelves and let one's imagination shift into over-drive.  

I am not a knitter or a crafter, although I am related to both, and I have learned to appreciate a wonderful knit shop when I visit one.

Check it out yourself:  Their website is:  JP Knit & Stitch

Amazing, right?

Sadly, our attempt to surprise Jennifer did not go according to plan and she was not actually in the shop when we stopped by.  We did get to meet her friendly partner, Genevieve, who helped us with our purchases.  

I know I am not a knitter or a crafter, but how could I resist?

Afterward, I had the girls pose by the large post outside the shop that the local knitters have outfitted with it's very own cozy.  

And it is cozy, am I wrong?

And then we headed back to the ice rink to pick up Henry.

Back at home, I spread out our purchases:

We got fabrics:  two each for Josie, Georgia and myself.  I don't know what I'm going to do with my preppy-colored vespa print, but I will think of something.  It is almost impossible to pass up a preppy-colored vespa print.   In fact, I found it difficult to leave the store without purchasing most of the fabrics found inside.  Perhaps I need to buy a sewing machine and take some lessons.  

Georgia and Josie do not need any lessons to put their fabric choices to good use.  They are planning to make "clothes" for their barbie dolls - a task they have done before using masking tape and pins.  

The yarn was already put to good use.  Georgia, a girl who has never been known to let a good project sit un-started, got out her "knitting machine" right away and got to work.

She is making either handless gloves or a scarf.  She hasn't really decided yet.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that she chooses the scarf.  There is nothing so ugly as finger-less gloves.

Josie was given a turn, moving the crank and making the scarf, but for the most part, she watched.

I'm sure today was the first of many trips to JP Knit and Stitch.  Be sure to stop by yourself, if you ever find yourself in Jamaica Plain.

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