Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Office Part II

The other day, Elizabeth reminded me that I have never shown the After Photos of my new home office.  When I left off here, the room had been painted a lovely shade of white including - much to the horror of my wonderful, wood-appreciating friend, Tara - the trim, moldings and coffered ceiling.  Since then, I've had a bounty of furniture delivered, shelves installed and lighting fixtures mounted.  Even my new computer is up and running and I'm sitting on my new chair as I type.


I present to you.... my office.  It is not a grand space, but it is beautiful, it is beachy and it is mine.

These are my book-shelves for knick-knacks and photo albums.

The below photo is a good view of how big - or rather how small - the room is.  That chair on the right is  my desk chair which is next to the desk.... which touches the wall.  (it's kind of like that Hole In the Bottom of the Sea song, isn't it?)

Here is my reading chair with my reading light and my reading table/footstool:

Here is the opposite wall with my new desk and computer:

My window sill is the perfect place for my sailboat candle:

This is the shelf above my desk:

And this is my favorite picture of my grandparents along side the Mini Cooper that my friend, Janet, bought me for my birthday knowing full well that the real-sized car was financially out of my reach:

By my computer, I have my solar-powered waving Queen Elizabeth.  Everyone has a solar-powered Queen on their desk, right?  

The fire place wall is the only unfinished spot.  We are waiting for the arrival of a sea-glass-like sunburst mirror.  

Here is a close up of the fire screen:

And last, by not least, my favorite part of the room:

.... the lights!  

The final view:

I love my office.  We used a decorator and she did an amazing job.  There's no way I would have ever been able to do this room on my own.  

I hope you liked the tour, please exit from the rear of the building.


elisabethellington said...

Luscious! Love it! The red table just makes the room for me, and I also LOVE the lights.

Martha said...

Thank you! I love it, too. -M

Martha said...

And I should tell you that that stool is actually a bright orange. I'm not sure why it looks red in the picture, but I agree with you that it does.

faye said...

Very heavenly and blissful! I can see myself happily working in this office. I think you just need to add a little more stuff on your office table 'coz it still has a lot of empty space. =)

-Faye Acklin

Martha said...

You are so right, Faye! In fact, I need to fill up some of those shelves as well. I'm not very good at knick-knacks but I should be able to find a good coffee table book or two for the table. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

Tara said...

I'm only just seeing this - I love it! Can I come visit and sit in that chair and read?!? Having designer envy! Don't get me wrong, I love white trim. It's just the old, original wood trim in old houses (if in good condition and true to the home's architectural style) which I think should be preserved. Don't think I don't look at all those design mags and covet those gorgeous living and formal dining rooms with light painted trim!

Anne said...

I love your new study! I really enjoy your blog (found it via your link on a post on Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor). Anyway, I'm renovating my living room and wondering if you would share where your pretty firescreen came from -- LOVE it!
Anne in Canada

Martha said...

Thank you so much, Anne! The firescreen, I believe, came from Etsy. It's Easter as I type this, so I can't ask the decorator, but I'll be sure to ask her the exact name of the artist's store on Monday and I'll reply again.

Thanks so much for coming over to my blog! Stop by again.


Anne said...

Hi, Martha! Did you get a chance to check with your decorator? My living is all finished and a pretty firescreen would be the finishing touch!

Martha said...

Hello Anne! I haven't forgotten about you. My decorator hasn't emailed me back yet, but I'll send her another email to remind her. She said it was from a company in Kansas but couldn't remember the name. I'll keep nagging her & I'll comment back to you as soon as I hear.

Martha said...

Anne - I finally got the name of the company and the website where you can order your own:

Garden Deva

It's under Useful and Handy Art

My decorator painted ours using radiator paint and it took three coats.

Let me know if you can't find it. Thanks for being so patient. I hope your room turns out great!

Anne said...

Thanks, Martha! I will have a look at Garden Deva! The radiator paint was a great tip, too!

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