Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playtime in Maine

We spent last weekend in Maine, visiting my parents and my sister Elizabeth, who was up from Philadelphia.  At least that's the OFFICIAL story.  The real reason we made the long trek was that we are all extremely dog-deprived and we wanted to spend some quality time playing with Dorothy, Elizabeth's Olde English Bulldogge.  

Henry wasted no time upon arrival:

Granny has a strict "No Dog Playing In The House" rule so we quickly took Dorothy outside to see her in action.

Dorothy may not enjoy city walks, but she sure does love to chase children around a backyard.

And she is more than happy to chase Nellie, my parent's Tibetan Terrier, as well.

Henry was in heaven.

He loves to play with dogs.

Josie got in the action as well, although her little legs didn't provide her with any advantage over the two fast dogs.

Is there anything better than a running dog photo?  

Especially when the dog in question has large, ripply jowls?

and boy is Dorothy fast!  She even caught up to Georgia within seconds and Georgia is pretty quick.

Sadly, Dorothy ran out of steam before her cousins did and she stopped to eat a quick grass salad.

Soon she had returned to her cozy perch inside the house.

The Children Elliot still had plenty of energy to spare.  There once was a time when my children tired out quickly like sweet, little puppies, but now they are big dogs with energy reserves.  We have moved past the days of napping and "quiet time."  Instead, Henry, Georgia and Josie moved on to other sporting events.

Josie and Granny played badminton:

and Henry, Georgia and Gordy played a little wiffle ball.

Soon Gordy tired of the exercise as well and he went inside to join Dorothy on the porch.

Dorothy seemed very pleased to see him.

Ah, that Dorothy.  Isn't she terrific?

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elisabethellington said...

Dorothy runs! I can't believe my eyes! Glad to see she conked out in Gordy's lap afterward. She looks much more like herself there. Perhaps a tad mistaken as to her true size?

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