Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Searching For Sea Glass

Right before we ended our weekend in Maine, we went to the rocky coast to look for sea glass and other treasures.  Looking for sea glass is really just an excuse for the adults to go for a beautiful walk along the coast of Maine.  It's a Parenting Trick we learned early on -- give the kids a ziplock baggy and something to look for, and they will won't even know they are in the fresh air, exercising.

I love to walk along a rocky coast.  I love to listen to the waves crashing and smell the sea air.  And even though I don't bring my own ziplock baggie, I confess that I too enjoy looking for sea glass.  Who doesn't?

This year, I decided to concentrate on looking for sea pottery -- bits of plates and cups that have been thrown around the ocean and washed ashore.  

Henry has found many pieces of sea pottery in this very Maine spot -- some very old and very large.  We searched and searched but only found one small piece of pottery with green flowers on one side.

Josie found some small sea glass, though:

And Gordy found a marble:

I like this photo because of the expression on Georgia's face in the left hand side.  She's saying "REALLY?!?  You found something else when I haven't found a thing, yet?  REALLY?"

We moved on to another cove and did some more walking (I mean searching!).

The scenery is gorgeous, is it not?

We couldn't stay too long.  We wanted to stop off at a zipline course we saw about 40 minutes from my parents' house and we needed to allow enough time to play there.  Right before we left, we had Elizabeth take our family photo by the water:

Good-bye, Maine.  We'll see you soon.


Lesa said...

I enjoyed reading this post. What a fun day you had!

Audra Kirkpatrick said...

Looks beautiful! I've always wanted to go to Maine and get really full on seafood. :)

Martha said...

Thank you, Lesa! It was a good day - but then any day where the kids get along and stop arguing for a second is a good day!

And Audra, you should definitely visit Maine (although it will probably seem a whole lot less exotic than where you are now! Thanks for visiting!


kkenville said...

I live in Maine and look for seaglass every chance I get with my family. What a fabulous find with the marble. We should touch base and share maine seaglass stories.

Martha said...

Welcome, kkenville! Thank you so much for reading my blog and leaving a comment. My parents have lived in Maine for over 5 years and we ALWAYS go "seaglassing" each time we visit them. It's such a wonderfully relaxing past-time. My parents have friends that vacationed in their area 20-30 years ago and said they would find large pieces of sea glass regularly. Now, we only find small pieces, but those are exciting nonetheless. What's the best piece you've ever found?

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