Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And All The Rest

I am finally winding down my weeks-long account of our four day trip to Washington, DC.  We have been home much longer than we were away, but in my defense, we did have a lot of blogging material to cover!  This post will include the odds and ends of our long weekend and it will start with the trip we made to the upper left hand corner of Washington, DC to the row house I lived in for a year and a half after college.  

See that second story window on the left?  That's where I kept my stuff when I met Gordy for the very first time.  I lived in this house with my college friends, Jen (http://jpknitandstitch.com/) and Tara (http://outdoorbakers.onsugar.com/) and I have some very wonderful memories of the place.

I should take a moment here to tell you all that I met Gordy through Tara -- they were friends from high school and while I didn't actually meet Gordy until Tara and I lived together in DC, I had the opportunity to meet him two years before while we were still in college.  Gordy was playing on his college lacrosse team and they were playing an away game at my college and after the game (which they won, incidentally), Tara said, "I'm going over to see my friend Gordy from high school.  You want to come?" and I said, "No." and walked away.   Whoops!

Thank goodness, Gordy and Tara remained friends and thank goodness, that Gordy came to visit Tara for a morning one random day in DC and if I'm getting really grateful, then thank goodness for Tara's ex-boyfriend Tom and one drunken college night whose details required Tara's full attention therefore giving Gordy the opportunity to show off his charm and wit for an hour or so!

The rest is history.

So back to THIS trip to DC.  The Elliot Children enjoyed a ride on the Smithsonian carousel:

And I did take a few pictures during our trip to the Air and Space Museum:

And I took a picture of the Capitol building, even though we walked by without taking any tours:

Here is the view from the Capitol of the Mall:

And finally, I had to take a few pictures of our wacky hotel, The Hotel Rouge:

Like it's name suggests, The Hotel Rouge is red.  Very red.

It was rather like living in a bordello:

but it was funky, too:

And perfect for a family of five - especially since it included a kids bunk-bed area with their own television:

The location was perfect, the free breakfast was tasty and the hotel was clean, modern and dog-friendly.  What else could a family want?

We left DC with heavy hearts.  It was a fun trip and no one really felt like saying good-bye to summer and hello to school and homework.  Alas.

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