Thursday, September 15, 2011

DC Cupcakes

The one thing that Josie wanted to do more than anything else while we were visiting Washington, DC was to try a DC Cupcake.  In case you aren't an avid watcher of TLC, or if you are like my sister Elizabeth and refuse to watch any cake show because it leaves you hungry and cake-less at the end, DC Cupcakes is a half-hour reality program starring two sisters and their cupcake bakery in Georgetown.  

I confess that DC Cupcakes is not my favorite show -- and not because it leaves me hungry and cake-less at the end.  I find the show a little boring.  There just is not a whole lot of drama in running a highly successful cupcake business.  The most grave dilemma the two women face is how to come up with new flavors and really, how stressful could that task really be?

My female children, however, think the show is both charming and riveting.  Perhaps girls, aged 6 - 8 are the target audience, who knows.  

What I DO know is that after twenty-four hours of listening to Josie ask, "When are we going to DC cupcakes?  Is it time to go to DC cupcake?  Do you think today is the day we are going to DC cupcake?" we decided just to go and get it over with.

We took a taxi cab from the National Zoo down to Georgetown and found this:

... a very long, but well-organized line of patrons waiting to fulfill their cupcake destinies.  It was a slow-moving queue but the management had it down to a science.  There was an employee stationed by the door and he handed out menu cards with the day's cupcake offerings to every person waiting in line, thus speeding up the ordering process inside the store.   The same employee also controlled the number / flow of people into the store.  

We had already chosen our three cupcakes by the time we got inside and saw this:

..... stand after stand of cupcakes, each cupcake considerably smaller than I would have imagined.

Our order arrived in a pretty pink box, and we found seats in the corner with a view inside the kitchen and some cake decorators making fondant flowers.

The excitement was killing Georgia and Josie.

Henry didn't really seem to care.

And what was the review?   Henry thought the cupcake was dry and tasteless.  He said that the icing was too sugary and that is something coming from a child who thinks Sweet Tarts and Skittles are the best candies ever made.  Georgia liked the cake part of her cupcake but thought the icing was too rich.  Josie, on the otherhand, gave her cupcake two thumbs up.

I wasn't able to eat a cupcake as I am lactose-intolerant and they didn't exactly look dairy-free.  

I did enjoy looking at the gorgeous bouquet of flowers on our table and wondering why bakeries never include a lactaid version of their cakes.  Maybe that could be the subject of an episode?


Elizabeth said...

I stand by my opinion! Cake shows are cruel.

elisabethellington said...

I second Elizabeth's opinion. And I will also say that those are some very tiny cupcakes. My very favorite cupcakes in the world are at Saint Cupcake in Portland: check out the menu here AND they have vegan cupcakes for the lactose intolerant. Sadly, it's a 2800 mile round trip for me to go to Saint Cupcake. But I can dream...

Martha said...

ooh! Milk-free cupcakes!!! I will check them out right away. And you are so right about the tiny size of the cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcakes. I'm all for portion-control but tiny cupcakes just seem cruel. Especially if you have to wait in line for them.

Pet Taxi said...

hey thanks for sharing such a wonderful pictures... love your blog

Pet Taxi

Martha said...

Thank you, Pet Taxi! Please come back and visit soon. -Martha

Britanny said...

Were they airing when you were there? if they were, what time were you there? were the owners there? please reply!!

Martha said...

Hello Brittany! No. They weren't filming the show while we were there and we didn't see the owners. I think they must film off-site -- maybe their main bakery is some place else? Because this store was way too small for a film crew let alone any more people. We did see some cake decorators working behind the glass but we didn't recognize them from the show. Good luck finding out any more information! -martha

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