Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monkey C Monkey Do

About 40 minutes north of my parent's house in Maine is a high-wire obstacle course/ zip line playground called Monkey C Monkey Do.  We have driven by it a few times and have always wanted to stop and give it a try.  On our way up to Maine last weekend, we made the split second decision to stop and have a climb/zip on our way home from Granny and Grandfather's house.

We are so glad that we did.

Monkey C Monkey Do was amazingly fun.   You begin your adventure by being fitted with a harness and climbing wire/clamps and then they have you watch a safety movie and take a class before they let you out to play.  The course itself consists of two zip lines (one long and very high of the ground, the other shorter and lower), four levels of high-wire obstacle courses, and one terrifying "swing" that makes you leap off a three-story platform before the swinging action takes over and you are saved.

You need a buddy at Monkey C Monkey Do and that is because you need someone to watch that your safety hooks are connected to the safety wires at all times.  During school, they tell you how to remove one clip at a time and only after you have asked permission from your buddy to do so.

I will admit that the safety lesson scared me more than a little.  Particularly when I caught Buddies Henry and Georgia talking and giggling during the safety demonstration instead of listening intently.

I began to wonder if we would regret our decision to include this activity on our game plan.

But Henry and Georgia managed to pull it together and we graduated from the course with flying colors.  They sent us out to the climbing tower and we began the adventure.

Georgia and Henry went on the 1st and 2nd levels of the course right away.  They had no problems with various safety-line change-ups and the only 4 people per platform rules.

Josie and I also completed the 1st level of the course, although, I found the whole platform/safety line switch up action to be a little unnerving.

I suggested that we try the high zip line next.  We made our way up the four story platform and climbed onto the narrow precipice where the staff member hooked us up and checked our wires and connections.

She worked with Josie first, giving me just enough time to look down at the four-story drop and decide that, perhaps, I am not as brave as my 6 year old.  I found myself inching backward, closer to the exit gate.  Gordy was down below, taking pictures of us and the following picture is one of me asking the pretty, college-aged staff member if she thought, someone with a fear of heights maybe made a mistake in thinking that this zip line was a good idea.  

She laughed at me and told me that standing on the platform was the worst part and that once I had gotten underway -- and by that she meant LEAPT OFF THE PLATFORM HOLDING ON TO A THIN ROPE -- things would be a lot better.

Josie waited patiently for me to gather my thoughts together and overcome my nerves.

We were told to bend down and then just scoot off the edge.

I tried to smile for Josie's sake.

I leapt.  And the staff member was right, the zip line was actually a whole lot of fun.

Henry and Georgia tried it after Josie and I and they liked it just as much.

I had had enough of heights, though, so when Josie asked to try level 2, I had Henry buddy up with her while I stood in the shade and watch my children act like the daredevils they are.

Meanwhile, Georgia was waiting for her turn to ride the swing.  Even though it looked scarier than scary to me, Georgia was determined to give it a try.  

After her successful completion of level 2, Josie wanted to do the swing as well.  I wasn't so sure that someone as little as Josie should be swinging from a three-story rope, but I was assured by the staff that the smaller the person, the less the chance of whiplash, so I let her try.

Gordy and I waited from below and I took some photos.

Here is my baby, about to take the plunge:

And here she is mid-swing.  Did she like it?  Not so much during the falling part (she cried) but she very much enjoyed the swinging part (the tears stopped).  

We spent two hours at Monkey C Monkey Do which was the perfect amount of time.  If you ever find yourself outside of Wiscasset, Maine, you should stop and give it a go.

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