Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The National Zoo

On the second day of our trip to Washington, DC, we walked from our hotel in Dupont Circle all the way to the National Zoo to see our nation's animals.  

The animals did not disappoint:

Moments after we arrived at the zoo, it started to rain and thunder/lightening.  After consulting with our map (purchased for $2 at the zoo's gate) we raced to the nearest "inside" exhibit which ended up being the one with the dreaded Naked Mole Rats.

As you will remember, we went to the Philadelphia Zoo to see THEIR collection of Naked Mole Rats last year and I did not find those nasty little buggers to be very pleasing to the eye.

The nudie rats do not like light, so it wasn't easy to take their photo.  But trust me, whether naked mole rats live in Washington, DC or Philadelphia, it really doesn't matter.  They are just gross.  Period.

Once the rain stopped, we made our way back outside and over to the lion exhibit.  The national Zoo recently welcomed a bunch of lion cubs and they were all out in the open, hanging with their parents.

Mother and Father Lion hung out on the top tier, sleeping and allowing people to photograph them.

The cubs, however, played and wrestled each other on the bottom layers.

The lion cubs weren't so little anymore.  

We wound our way through the zoo to the Rain Forest room (Rain Forest Number 2, in case you are keeping track of our various Rain Forest activities)

This rain forest was much larger than the one at the National Botanical Gardens, but just as beautiful.

There is a lot of peace to be found in the rain forest - especially when the zoo puts it at the very end of the the exhibit path and far from most other animals.  The zoo was very crowded that morning and we were grateful to be away from the the swarms of people for a few minutes.

We didn't stay too long at the zoo.  Truthfully, we've been to a lot of zoos and the National Zoo is perhaps not the most thrilling.  The kids were tired of walking and were chomping on the bit to visit the famous DC Cupcake store in Georgetown, so we fed them a quick zoo lunch and hopped into a cab....


Elizabeth said...

What?! How can you not like naked mole rats?!!! What's not to like?! Especially the Philly ones. :)

Martha said...

Yuck. Absolutely yuck. Bleck.

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