Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soccer Saturday

If it's Saturday in September, then it's time for soccer.  Saturday, September and Soccer are the three S's of fall.  I guess you could also include Separation and Sickness and make it the five S's of fall because that is what happens when you have a family of three germy kids and only two parents to drive them all across the state to different activities.  Hockey is in its infant stage right now, so Gordy and I are each only responsible for one girl child and their soccer games.  This week, both Henry and I had horrific cough colds that ended in antibiotics, sleepless nights and in Henry's case, a five-hour trip to ER for asthma issues.  It was not the best week ever.

Saturday was the first day of my antibiotics, so I was hacking away on the sidelines watching Josie enjoy her time on the field:

I noticed that the other mothers kept a wide berth of my coughing fits and I can't say that I blame them.  Even with three cough drops in my mouth, I sounded horrific and with a low-grade fever and accompanying aches, I felt even worse than I sounded.

Josie was playing with wet hair, because we came directly from her early morning swim lesson.  Perhaps "directly" is not the most accurate term.  We had enough time between swimming and soccer to make exactly one stop and I made the executive decision to go to CVS to pick up my antibiotics, rather than go home and dry Josie's hair.

Sorry about that Josie, but Mommy needed her meds.

At least it was a warm-ish, humid day!

Little kid soccer is funny to watch because no one plays an actual position.  All the children on the field run after the ball at once, in a pack.  It's a miracle that any plays get made at all.

Georgia's age level, on the other hand, is much more professional.  She has finally been taught what it means to play different positions - although she prefers defense.

While I was coughing up my lungs in our town, Gordy was far away cheering on Georgia and her team mates.  Georgia is playing for two teams this year and on her non-town team, the coaches have been moving players around, trying to get a feel for which positions each player does best.

On this day, Georgia had to play goalie for half of a game, a position she has never played before.

Later, Georgia told me that she had been nervous to play goalie, but defending the goal wasn't as bad as she had thought it would be.  She'd rather not have to do it again, though.  Goalies do not get to run and Georgia loves to run.

I like the Saturday, soccer and September aspects of fall, but I could do without the sickness and the separation.  It would be more fun to do things as a family, but that's what you give up when all three of your children are playing sports at the same time.  Things will be even crazier when Hockey really shifts into high gear and weekend homework rears it's ugly head.  

Is it too early in the season for me to say that I miss the lazy days of summer already?

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