Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have been asked if Josie ever managed to pass her Deep Water test at our pool this summer.  I wrote about her quest here but I didn't remember to ever tell you the outcome.  Sadly, Josie did not even take her test this summer.  She took four private swim lessons and made unbelievable progress with her stroke, but then had problems with swimming the required two pool lengths without stopping.  It's a shame, too, since at one point, I think her lifeguard/teacher would have just passed her but it was a day when Josie was feeling silly and having a hard time concentrating on the task at hand.  The coveted orange band stayed in the manager's drawer.  

I am determined to do all I can to help her pass next year - not because I hate to see her hard work go unrewarded, but because I can not fathom having to listen to her complain about not having her orange band for another summer.  It was rather unbearable, especially considering that the children have to take their deep water tests during adult swims at the pool, thus ensuring that all the other children are fully aware of who has and who hasn't passed.

Josie does not like watching her peers pass a test that she is incapable of taking.  And I am do not like listening to Josie cry about a test she is incapable of taking.  Adult swims happen every hour and the non-stop complaining started grating on my nerves.

I signed Josie up for swim lessons at a local University this fall and for the next few weeks, she will be swimming and practicing her stroke. 

Josie really enjoys her lessons, but she doesn't really enjoy physical exercise in general.

The swim lessons are a fundraiser for the university's swim team and they are really an amazing deal.  For $45, you get 4 private lessons with a college student - many of whom haven't been up this early on a Saturday morning in about 10 years.  

The parents all watch from the observation deck above the pool.  It is very warm and relaxing.

This past Saturday, Josie's teacher got her to try a backstroke, which Josie liked because it didn't involve any fancy sort of breathing.  Each time Josie tries a new sport, I hope that this will be the one she falls in love with, but it never seems to happen.

She seems to enjoy the chatting and the personal attention of the teenager more than she enjoys the actual swimming.

Perhaps Josie will be my musician or artist.  

It's becoming obvious that Josie prefers sitting to moving.

She does show great enthusiasm for the diving portion at the end of the lesson.

but that could just be that she's  glad that the lesson has come to an end.

She's crafty that way.

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