Sunday, September 11, 2011

The US Botanical Gardens

After our long walk around the Washington, DC Monuments, we went to the Air and Space Museum and then to the National Botanical Gardens.  After the crowds of the museum and the long slog of the monument tour, The Botanical Gardens were quiet, relaxing and incredibly beautiful.

We slowed way down and walked through all the various gardens and displays

and saw some incredible plants and water features.

We spent the most time in the Children's Garden, found outside, in the middle of the Botanical Gardens' building.  This part of the exhibit is designed for the child who is tired of being told to Look With Your Eyes and Don't Touch.  There were watering cans to use and fairy houses to visit:

Henry even enjoyed the fairy house which is amazing, considering that he could barely fit through it's door.

The Children Elliot got right to work.  

We watered and scrubbed until that Children's Garden was soaked and sparkling clean.  The United State's government is free to send my children a check for their services or if it would prefer, we'd happily accept a deduction on our taxes.

After the Children's Garden, we followed the trail into the first of three rain forests that we visited on this particular trip to DC.   Yes, you did read that sentence correctly.  Our family did three separate activities that included an artificial rain forest over the short time frame of four days.  

but we weren't aware - at this point - that we were going to be rain forest experts by the end of the trip and so the journey to the rain forest room at the Botanical Gardens was simply pure fun and excitement.

We left the Gardens feeling rejuvenated and happy.  It was an incredible first day in DC.

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