Thursday, September 8, 2011

Washington, DC

We spent Labor Day Weekend in Washington, DC.  On our first morning, we walked from our hotel in Dupont Circle to the White House to have an early morning meeting with the First Family.

The First Family must have forgotten about our appointment because we were unable to get passed the front gates.

We then continued on to the Mall and spent the rest of the morning touring the many monuments.

There was some sort of ceremony going on at the World War II monument, so we skipped that one and moved onto the Vietnam Memorial.

The children were amazed to see all the names of the American dead.   Gordy and I had been to the Vietnam Memorial before and we were surprised at how moving it is even a second time.

We also toured the Vietnam Women's Memorial (although I failed to get a picture of that) before moving on to the Lincoln Memorial.  This is the one monument that the children know well (from movies, that is).  The actual Memorial did not disappoint.  They enjoyed walking up the steps and seeing the massive statue of President Lincoln.

And while Gordy spent time reading the engraved speeches on the walls....

the children quickly located the gift shop.  Oh, how my children love a gift shop.

They also, apparently, love a good public restroom, because on this one weekend to DC, I think we visited more restrooms than museums/monuments/zoos altogether.  For our next trip, I might look into catheters!

We walked through the Korean War Memorial and then headed to the new Martin Luther King Memorial.  

This monument was AMAZING.  You enter through two large white stone Mountains and into a courtyard with white stone slabs engraved with MLK speeches and letters and running waterfalls.  In the center of the Memorial, is a third piece of white stone, on which Martin Luther King, Jr., himself, is carved along with the words "Out of the Mountain of Despair, a Stone of Hope."

That is when you realize that if you look backward, you can see that Martin Luther King, Jr., has left the stone mountain behind him.  It was very beautiful.

It might seem like we raced through all these memorials, but we did take our time to read and reflect.

Next, we headed over to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, which is one of my favorites.

Josie and Henry stood in line for depression-era relief.

And Henry harassed poor Fala.

Most of the modern memorials include water features and while we waited for Georgia to find the restroom (see what I mean?), Josie enjoyed the peace and serenity.

And when the moment was up and I had the children pose with my favorite of the first ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt.

From there, we headed around the tidal basin to the Jefferson Memorial - our last stop.

We didn't stay there very long.  The memorials had taken all morning and the children were starving.  They enjoyed the walking tour and the quick lesson in US history.

We walked back to the Mall and headed to the Smithsonian....

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