Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Battle of the Weekends

Gordy and I are alike in many ways... but we are different in many ways too.  I like to sit and be sedentary and Gordy firmly believes that if he or any of his offspring stops moving for a minute, he / they will spontaneously combust.

I spent last weekend in Philadelphia for my annual Girls Weekend - otherwise known as Eatapalooza.  While in Philly, Elizabeth and I go to two fabulous restaurants, eat both healthy and junky meals, drink lots of fruity, alcoholic beverages and do a whole lot of this:

Sitting.  And talking.  And watching television while we sit and talk.  While we were relaxing and playing with Dorothy, the Olde English Bulldogge, my family was at home, doing this:

I interrupted my television watching - but not my sitting - to kiss Dorothy...

while at the same time, Gordy and the girls were watching Henry play hockey:

While Elizabeth and I sat and ate a nice, fatty breakfast,

Gordy was helping Josie try out her new hockey outfit and skating with the kids.

Elizabeth and I went for a leisurely shopping trip.  And Gordy drove the children to Cambridge to see the professional lacrosse trophy and meet some of the Boston Cannons.

Have you lost count of all the activities that Gordy and the children did while I was gone?  Are you wondering how one adult could squeeze so many things into one weekend?  Me too.  I got exhausted just hearing about them from the comfort of Elizabeth's couch.  

For your perusal, A Comparison List:

Martha & Elizabeth's "Weekend of Eating, Drinking and Relaxation":

* Went for a light shop
*Played with Dorothy
*Walked Dorothy
*Ate at a fantastic Italian Restaurant
*Slept in
*Walked Dorothy
*Ate breakfast out
*Went for a light shop
*Watched Say Yes To The Dress Marathon
*Went to Budakhan for amazing dinner
*Slept in
*Had breakfast
*Walked Dorothy

Gordy's "Keep On Moving Don't Stop" Weekend:

*Picked up children from school
*Brought them to the ice rink for open skate
*Brought them to Josie's tennis lesson
*Prepared dinner and watched a movie
*Put children to bed
*Took Josie to soccer
*Brought Georgia to carpool which got her to soccer
*Went to Henry's hockey game
*Brought kids to Lacrosse event
*Went out to dinner
*Bed routine
*Woke up early and made waffles - from scratch
*Brought Georgia to 4-game soccer tournament
*Travelled to Rhode Island for Henry's hockey game

Who do you think had a better weekend?  Feeling badly for Gordy?  Don't worry.  He has a Football-palooza later in the year and I will be the parent with the ants in her pants.  Sigh.  That is the thing with weekends away... some times it is your turn and sometimes it is not!

**Editor's note:  I have been asked a few times if my niece, Dorothy is a Pitbull.  The answer is, no.  Dorothy is an Olde English Bulldogge although she has been mistaken for a pitbull on many occasions.

This is a pitbull:

and this is Dorothy, the Olde English Bulldogge:

Close, I suppose, but no cigar.


Elizabeth said...

Ha ha! I like the comparison list. I must say I greatly prefer our weekend to Gordy's!

Martha said...

Really! Gordy did call me this morning to say that I left out the "Wiffleball Tournament on the front lawn."

Mercy Maud.

Elizabeth said...

And even during the "Walk Dorothy" parts of our weekend, one of us (coughdorothycough) was doing a lot of lying down!

Martha said...

yes. Dorothy tends to take the whole Relaxing component of the weekend a little too seriously.

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