Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brrrr! It's Cold Out Here!

And I mean, REALLY COLD!  It's only the end of October and already, we've had snow in New England.  

Yesterday, we woke up to snow in our yard...

covering our Halloween pumpkins...

... our shrubbery....

and our deck furniture.

It's the kind of freezing weather that makes you want to put on your warmest pajamas and curl up with a good book in the comfort of your centrally-heated house.


This is New England and these are people who do not allow a little cold weather and crazy-early snow fall to keep them from enjoying outdoor, fall sports.  Even though I had hoped we'd get an email telling us to go back to bed and that soccer had been cancelled, the email never arrived.

Instead, Josie and I bundled up in as many layers as we could and headed over to the soccer field.

I do not like to be cold, so I wore a down jacket and figured that all the native New Englanders would have a good laugh at my expense.

Ha, ha!  Look at Martha!  Silly little New Jersey woman, thinks it's cold just because it's 40 degrees and snowy out!

...but at least I looked snazzy.  Did I not?

I dressed Josie in the following:  one Under Armor Cold Weather layering shirt, one pair thick wool tights, one heavy-weight soccer jersey, one pair shin guards, one pair thick soccer socks, one fleece coat, one pair of warm woolen mittens and a winter hat.

I thought I might have gone over board with both Josie and myself, except that when we arrived on the field, we saw that every one had done the same thing.... a few of the girls were even wearing their down jackets on the soccer pitch:

Some of the watching parents had their down coats on, too.  So the general hilarity I feared my jacket might create never happened.

A good thing, too, because I wasn't in the mood.

It was just too cold for snide comments and sarcastic retorts.

We have one week left of 1st grade soccer.  Considering the fact that it is supposed to snow again tonight, I figure next week I will have on snow pants, ugg boats and hand warmers in my pockets.  

I'll need to have all those items out and ready to go come the start of "spring" soccer in March anyway.  It's just as cold then, too!


Tara said...

OMG, that's WAY too cold for me!


Martha said...

It's too cold for me, too! I keep wondering why we don't live someplace warm... like the Bahamas! Thanks for stopping by!

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