Thursday, October 27, 2011

The End of the Week Blogging Blues

I've hit a blogging rut.

The kids are busier than ever and yet, I find myself with absolutely nothing new to write about on this blog.  


How can this be?

Georgia is still playing soccer on two teams and Nutcracker rehearsals have begun.  Henry is playing hockey, still making duct tape items and feeling the stress of endless, middle school homework.  Josie is doing tennis, soccer, Storybook Workshop Drama AND is dancing in the Nutcracker.  From the moment I jump in my car to pick the kids up from school until the moment my head hits my pillow each night, I am moving.  There are carpools to arrange and drive, play dates to schedule and carry out, there are pick ups and drop offs, there is homework to struggle through and school projects to finish....  the time is flying by.

But is any of this blog-worthy?  Or blog-interesting?  I'm not so sure.

I thought of writing a blog post about decorating our house for the Halloween holiday... but then I lost interest in decorating the house when I remembered that said decorations - piddly as they are - were in the attic and therefore, a complete pain to get down.

I've already covered soccer, tennis, hockey and homework.

The ballet teacher does not allow parents in the room during rehearsals....

Argh!  Complete blog-block.

What about me?  You ask?   Surely having 6 hours off each day means ample time to do something, photograph it and present it on the blog?  Well, let's see.  I do pilates twice a week and neither group of ladies has any interest in being photographed or written about.  I grocery shop - not a whole lot of material there.... yesterday, I picked out our family holiday card!  That was fun, but for the sake of surprise, I won't be showing it any time soon.

My trip to Target to find a basket for Georgia's Halloween Costume?  My trip to the post office to mail a present to my Aunt Elsie?  Nah.  Nothing there worth mentioning.

I am officially between a rock and a blogging hard place.  The advent of school work and activities has passed us by and the arrival of the trifecta Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas has not yet begun.  I am in a lull.

You will just have to wait.

But be sure to come back soon because, eventually, those Halloween Decorations are going to have to come out of the attic.


elisabethellington said...

Blog block! I can sympathize. I go through several blog lulls a year because my blog is having an identity crisis. It can't figure out who it is. A parenting blog? A reading blog? Writing? Cats? Teaching? I think cats are the default, so when I start posting a lot of cat photos (as I've been doing for the past month), it's because I have no idea what I'm doing. My blog and I are all existential angsty.

Martha said...

And I love the random-ness of your blog! I'm always pleased to see that you've updated and I could care less whether I'm going to read about books, kids, cats or teaching! It's all good to me.

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