Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Gingerbread

... because nothing says Halloween quite like a gingerbread house, no?  What?

A couple we invited to our party last weekend, arrived with a Halloween Gingerbread House kit as a hostess gift.  It was, the woman said as she handed it to me, either the best gift in the world (if one likes to do crafty bake-y things with one's children) or the worst gift in the world (if one doesn't!).  

It may have been a risky gift but it was one that paid off.  Our family falls into the first category.  We like doing crafty/bake-y things and even if we didn't, the enclosed packs of frosting and candy would have made up for it.

This week is parent/teacher conference week at our local schools which means three half-days in a row.  Half-days are the bane of stay-at-home-parents.  Sending your child to school for only two hours is a giant tease... you get the kids up on time, bring them to school, get ONE thing done for either the family or for yourself and then it's time to pick the kids back up again.

I have found that it is always a good thing to have some activities planned to use up the long hours between school dismissal and the usual afternoon activities and this Halloween House kit was just the thing.

Georgia, Josie and I opened the box and took out the contents.

We decided that it made the most sense for me to construct the house and the girls to decorate it.

They did help with the "massaging of the frosting" or the "messaging of the frosting" since that's how Georgia read the instructions out loud to us from the back of the box.

While they messaged, I lay out the gingerbread squares the way the directions advised:

The peak of our house had broken off in transit, so I had to "glue" it back on with orange frosting.

It was actually much easier than I would have thought.  

...except the heavy, side roof pieces kept sliding off.  For awhile, we thought if we could just hold them on until the frosting hardened a little, all would be well.

But the frosting never hardened - not even a little.

We decided that maybe some more frosting would do the trick:

and that theory worked for a small amount of time...

The girls began to decorate and I let them have full-use of the frosting bags.

and that's when the roof pieces fell off.

We decided to just leave the fallen roof on the "ground."  It made the house seem scarier if the roof was falling apart.

The candy came out and the some of it made it's way into the mouths of the decorators.

One of our decorators had a suspiciously black-colored mouth when the project was over:

The finished product was pretty spectacular.  Not only was it nice to look at, but it used up the 30 minutes that I needed to put dinner together before I left for Henry's conference.

and that is a perfect gift!

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