Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Josie Plays Tennis

Another year of tennis has begun for Josie.

Last year, because she attended half-day kindergarten, Josie's tennis lesson happened while her brother and sister were in school.  This year, not only are tennis lessons later in the afternoon, but they also fall on a day when neither Georgia nor Henry have any of their own activities.  In other words, after years and years of being dragged to Henry and Georgia's myriad sporting events and being forced to watch them have all the fun, Josie is now enjoying herself on the tennis court while Henry and Georgia are made to sit, watch and wait for her.

This is called Payback.

Last week, Henry brought Duct Tape Wallet supplies and spent the hour making more wallets.

Georgia brought a book and read.

I took pictures through the glass window of the observation room.   I apologize for their quality.  I have to turn off my flash and I tried using the sports mode but most of the photos turned out blurry.  Sigh.  8 weeks of photo lessons and I'm worse than when I started.

Josie really enjoyed the lesson and she enjoyed making her brother and sister suffer.  Payback is sweet.

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