Sunday, October 2, 2011

Making Duct Tape Wallets

Henry has a new hobby.  He now spends all his free time making Duct Tape Wallets.

On Saturday, I asked Henry to give the Internet a tutorial on how he creates his wallet masterpieces.

Henry starts by measuring four pieces of duct tape using a dollar bill as a ruler.

He then combines those four strips of duct tape into one piece which forms the front of the wallet.

His sister, Josie, watches and models the sticker earrings she got at a playdate earlier in the day.  Josie is hoping that The Internet will think she has her ears pierced and is, therefore, very grown up.

Don't be fooled, Internet.  Josie does not have her ears pierced and she is still my little baby.

But back to Henry and the Duct Tape Wallet.  Henry repeated the first few steps to make the back of the wallet.

Now he has the front and the back put together and it is time to assemble the pieces into one wallet.

Henry trimmed the uneven edges:

And Henry applied a bottom piece to create the place where all money NOT spent on duct tape wallet supplies will be kept.

He then decorated the outside of the wallet:

And voila!

Another Duct Tape Wallet masterpiece!

The tutorial was over and Henry went upstairs to add the new wallet to his growing collection....

and in typical 11-year old fashion, he left the following to be cleaned by Cinderella:

Sorry, Henry!  Cinderella left for the ball a few hours ago.  Get back down here and clean up!  


julia said...

Hello, over from The Macs....

I'm laughing so much over this. My son has an iPod case, bank and change tray made out of masking tape. He refuses to consider having a regular iPod case. He even put an Apple sticker on it.

Martha said...

I love it! Where do they come up with these things? Thanks for stopping by!

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