Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Party Preparations

I didn't collect my usual blog post material this weekend and that is because Gordy and I threw a party, whose preparations consumed most of our time/energy from Friday until Sunday.  Yes, the children played sports and yes, they probably said and did some cute things, but I didn't notice.  I was too busy worrying about the party, setting up for the party and then recovering from the party to notice.

I'm sorry.  I know my children are the only reason most of you read this blog in the first place.

And to make my blogging life even worse, I didn't take photos of the actual party.  I am left with only a few pictures of our preparation and some great stories that my friends and neighbors would be horrified if I shared.  Blog-wise, adult parties are not ideal.

So instead of juicy gossip and photos of adults eating, drinking and being merry, I present to you, The Party Preparations:

Behold, Gordy put up lights:

You can never have too many lights outside, especially if your house number is not illuminated and not every one you have invited to the party knows which house is yours.

We also cleared out furniture and rugs from rooms and put out lots of flowers.  The flowers were perfect for hiding the fact that our end tables still are knick-knack free even two years after we moved into our house.

Josie and I painted our nails:

I chose a dark plum and Josie chose pink on the left and blue on the right.  

She's sassy that way.

I bought 200 cookies and put them on platters:

The caterers arrived and unpacked all those crates in my garage.  We had two bars:  one in the living room and one in the kitchen.  This was the caterer's suggestion, to keep the party flow moving throughout the first floor and it was a good one.  We had about 95 people in the house and flow was pretty important.

The dinner buffet was set up...

And I got all dolled up in my new dress (this photo was actually taken a few days before the party when I was trying to figure out what to wear and I needed to email my sister and friend to get their opinion.  I did shower and do my hair for the party.  I understand that nothing says Soccer Parent more than greasy hair and a ponytail.)

The sun went down and the lights came on.... I put the camera away when the first guests arrived.

It was a great evening and things went smoothly.  The food and drink were great and the company was even better.  It is always fun to spend time with your friends without having to deal with children.  We were exhausted on Sunday.  Going to bed at 2:30 and getting up at 5:30 to get Georgia to a soccer game didn't help.  The house is now clean and the furniture is all back in order.  The rental company picked up the dishes, tables, linens and catering paraphernalia this morning and all I have left to do is get the recyclables to the dump when it reopens tomorrow.  

The party was a success in every category except blogging.  But - never fear - I'm able to focus on the children once again, so I'll be back on the blogging track in no time.  I promise.  


TZRB said...

LOVE the dress! And the sassy painted nails (yours & Josie's). And you are wrong - personally I would like more details on the party!!

Martha said...

Thank you! Gordy HATED the dress - he objected to the 1980's sleeves, but I thought it was very pretty. And I know it must have been since you have impeccable taste!

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