Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And So Soccer (Finally) Ends

Georgia had an amazing town soccer team season.  Her team came in first place in it's division two weekends ago and the girls even have trophies to prove it.

This past weekend, Georgia's team participated in it's last event of the fall:  The Veteran's Day Tournament.  

Yes.  We are also aware that last weekend was not Veteran's Day weekend.  I wish I had an explanation for you, but I don't.  The best I can come up with:  Crazy Sports People  or You Know These Dumb Athletes, which isn't very nice considering that 4/5th of my family are included in that bunch.

Georgia's team played very well.  They won two games, tied one and lost one.  Georgia played defense for the entire tournament and was happy to report that her coach referred to her as The Brick Wall.

During the second game, Georgia slid and scraped the skin off her  right knee.  

She played through the pain - especially after we bought about $20 worth of bandages and black tape.

Sunday was another beautiful fall day - it was still cold but it wasn't freezing, and for that, we were thankful.  Saturday was much colder and watching the game while trying to keep my teeth from chattering was a real challenge.

Georgia was very pleased that Grandma & Grandpa - here in New England for Thanksgiving - were able to watch her last game of the season.

I got a picture of Henry and Grandpa waiting for the game to begin.  And - oh! what's that? - could that be Josie hanging upside down in the middle of the photo?

Yep.  It sure is.  Leave it to Josie to find some way to entertain herself.

I guess she is all finished with watching Georgia play soccer.  Half-way through the game, I caught Josie and Henry doing this:

.... texting each other.  From 6 inches away.  Yes, I am so proud.

The fall soccer season if finally over.  Of course, winter soccer begins in a few short days.  You didn't really think we would take a break, did you?

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