Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can You Believe This Nonsense?

On October 30th, we woke up to this:

Four inches of the heaviest, wettest snow I have ever seen.

In October.

Can you believe this nonsense?

As if last winter's non-stop blizzards and horrific ice dam misery weren't enough, now it has to start snowing in October?!?!  Seriously?

The heaviness of the snow was causing the branches of our trees to bend over towards the ground.

And several large branches had already snapped off and were lying in our front yard and in our driveway.  

The tree carnage would have been worse, except that about two weeks ago, we had the Tree Man come out and trim back all the dead and precarious branches from the trees closest to our house.

I guess I will be calling the Tree Man to come back and chop up the branches that the tree decided it didn't need anymore.  

Once we had determined that the remaining branches weren't a danger to the children, Henry, Georgia and Josie went outside to enjoy the snow.

After all, someone should be enjoying it.

Georgia had a ballet rehearsal to attend, so while Gordy took her to dance and while Henry did his homework, Josie and I did a little shoveling.  

Shoveling... in October .... does this make sense to any of you?

I mean, all of you who don't live in Scandinavia or Alaska or someplace way up North.  

While I cursed each shovel-full of snow, Josie made a snowman.

When life gives her snow, Josie makes a snowman.  Such an optimist!

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