Thursday, November 17, 2011

Class Books

Josie's first grade teacher is big on class projects.  Every few days, she has Josie's class make a new Class Book, which consists of drawings and "essays" from each child.  The teacher then puts all the work into a binder and the children take turns bringing the book home and reading it to their parents.  

These books are wonderful for two reasons:  the children love to make them (who doesn't want to be published, after all?) and the parents love to ooh and aah over their child's work while secretly comparing their child's writing and drawing progress with the rest of the class.  

It's a win-win situation.

Yesterday, Josie brought home the Today Is Monday book.  

Henry had this same teacher when he was in kindergarten and I remember looking through the pages of the various Class Books and worrying that Henry's handwriting was not up to par with his classmates.  Little did I know then, but handwriting would never be Henry's strong point.  Luckily for him, if you can get past the handwriting - or allow him to type - his actual WRITING is extremely good.  Georgia also had difficulty with handwriting in kindergarten and first grade, but her penmanship has steadily improved over the years. 

Josie, on the other hand, has better handwriting then the both of them... and her printing is probably better than either Gordy's or mine.  

And six years after Henry's worrying about Henry's handwriting, I am happy to discover that I am a completely different Reader of the Class Book.  I never give the slightest thought to how Josie measures up with her peers.  I'm sure the fact that I am a more seasoned parent and that Josie is my third First Grader, plays a big role in my relaxed attitude.  I've learned that it all evens out in the end.

Because I am not concentrating on Josie's academic achievements, I am able to really enjoy the artistic portion of these books.  I love looking at those pictures.  

In this book, Josie illustrated the activity that she likes to do the most on Saturday:  riding her bike.  Or her "bik" if you are being literal.

Here is a close up of the pedaling action!

And here is the panned out view.  Pretty funny, eh?  She even correctly portrayed the proportion of little Josie to big bicycle.  I'm not sure what that black lump is behind the rear tire.  Perhaps it's the black urn that we have by our walk way?  Who knows.

I think I'm enjoying first grade more this time around.  Third time's a charm!


Tara said...

That "black lump" as you so dismissively call it is the big cloud of dust Josie is leaving you all in as she speeds off on her Bik, of course! Wonderful!

Martha said...

ha! Of course! Why didn't I guess that!

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