Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Concord Museum

Our Thanksgiving holiday was not all about turkey and karaoke.  We also found time to go to The Concord Museum and check out their Family Trees exhibit.  We had never been to The Concord Museum before, but we had heard wonderful things about their holiday trees.  Every year, the museum decorates various trees with ornaments that represent different children's books.  

We love childrens' books and we love museums, so we figured this exhibit would be prefect for us.

The trees did not disappoint.  One of the first trees to catch our eye was decorated with items from one of our favorite stories, Click Clack Moo.  It was covered in cows, the keys from an old fashioned type writer and even included a glass of spilled milk.

The next tree was even cuter:  it's theme was If You Give A Pig a Pancake and it was decorated with drips of syrup.

The children were given a scavenger hunt sheet at the front door and were challenged to find all the items on the list.  I didn't think this was the best idea in the world.  My children take challenges very seriously and they raced through the exhibit like whirling dervishes trying to cross all the scavenger hunt items off the list.  It didn't make for the most peaceful or thorough trip to a museum.  Perhaps, the scavenger hunt concept would be a better idea if you were going through the exhibit more than once.  

Each tree had it's book near by, so if you were so inclined, you could sit with your child and read a good story and enjoy a leisurely afternoon.

Alas.  My children couldn't be bothered with the book.... it was all HUNT! HUNT! HUNT!

The girls, at least, did slow down to take part in the next tree which was based on the book Do You Know How Much I Love You.  The tree was made up of decorated sheets that the museum visitors colored in which stated how much each child loved.  

Georgia wrote her answer quickly - so as to get back to the scavenger hunt and catch up with Henry who had bi-passed this craft assignment in order to win the hunt without the bothersome company of his little sisters.

God forbid Georgia allow Henry to win any race.

Josie took a little more time with her coloring, but not too much.

Her note used more than one color, which was nice.

We saw our "beloved" Strega Nona on the next tree:

New England is so obsessed with Tomie DePaola.  I know I wrote about it here (click here to read my post on Strega Nona) but the attention our region pays to this author continues to amaze me.

We also took this photo of from the Bats at The Ballgame tree for Granny to admire: 

(She's a fan of the Bats books)

We sped by the American Revolution tree (see - we went by it so quickly, I didn't even catch the book it was based on)!

And raced past this beautiful butterfly creation:

The scavenger hunt was finished and so were the children.

We went outside and I photographed the children in nature:

It was a successful trip - albeit rather quick.

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