Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Day I Will Try to Remember When The Cold Arrives

The weather was glorious last weekend.  A few weeks from now when it is snowing and freezing outside, I am going to try very hard to remember exactly how gorgeously mild and peaceful this particular fall weekend was and how wonderful it was to be outside enjoying nature.

Josie's soccer is over but on Saturday, Georgia's town soccer team won a tremendously exciting game to finish their season in first place.  Both girls had ballet and the boy had hockey (nothing new about that) but not one of the children had anything to do on Saturday afternoon.... so we took advantage of the rare moment of rest and went to a local pond to take a brisk walk.  

Or a brisk scoot, if you are the type of Elliot who does not like to partake of a long walk.

Josie Elliot / Mary Elliot Musgrove, who can really tell the difference.... of course, if Mary had a scooter maybe people would have invited her on more long walks!

 Like all Elliot outdoor experiences, this walk took place at a pond with paved walking trails and urban scenery.

Gordy joined us, although he would have rather been lying on the couch watching sports on television.

Don't deny it, Gordy.

The children stopped at all the exercise stations...

and at the assorted photo-taking vistas...

and they paused long enough to scrape the earth with a stick and throw a few pebbles into the water.

This is just what children do.

I had Henry take a photo of me and Gordy since we are hardly ever in the same picture together.  

It really was a beautiful afternoon.  The sun was starting to set over the pond and the leaves that were still remaining on the trees were all the many colors of fall. 

As we neared the end of the circle path and headed back to the car, we saw this:

A crane?  A heron?  Only my parents would know for sure (and be sure to check the comments, because my mother will probably tell us!).  He was noble and interesting and he was a good end to a beautiful day.

1 comment:

Mom said...

I think it's the great blue heron. Remember when we saw one in the backyard in Maine? What a fine sighting to top off your lovely afternoon!

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