Sunday, November 20, 2011

Georgia Reads

Georgia learned to read in the first grade.  She started off the way all children do;  She read easy reader books and then gradually made her way up to chapter books, working her way from large to small print.  Two summers ago, Gordy and I implemented a summer reading program at our house.  Each child had to read 25 books and at the end of the summer, they would earn a prize.

Georgia took the challenge very seriously.  It was that summer that she read her first long book - over 300 pages - and then she continued reading above and beyond her required 25 books.  

Georgia was hooked.  

I love reading as well and I should acknowledge that Georgia comes from a long line of book-lovers - on both sides of her family.  If she isn't playing soccer or lacrosse, Georgia is reading.

She reads in the morning before school (when she is supposed to be putting her coat on and finding her backpack):

She reads after homework is finished and ballet rehearsal is over:

She has read her way through all the classics of girl literature, though she seems to prefer mysteries and fantasy books.

She reads during snack time:

And before she falls asleep.

If you can't find Georgia, chances are that she is in a corner somewhere lost in a book.
She is a true read-a-holic.  And I couldn't be any more proud!

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