Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween 2011

I am a little late getting my Halloween photos on the blog.  I'm sorry.  And what's even worse is there is the need for further delay...  I have some blog house-keeping to do.  Please allow me to direct your attention to two new features on the right hand side of my blog.  You, my wonderful readers, can now enter your email address and receive an email from "me" letting you know when I have updated my blog.  Very exciting.  My friend Tracy has been my guinea pig for this feature and she informs me that she gets an email with the written content of the blog post attached.  Please feel free to sign up for this service - but also, please then come over to my REAL blog and see the photos as well!  I'm trying to figure out how the service can just send a heads-up and not the entire blog post, but I am very computer-illiterate and this is all over my head.

You will also see that my blog has been added to the list of Top Blogging Moms (see that brown icon?).  Alas, you won't be able to find me on their front page, unless you first vote for my blog.  The TopBloggingMoms' website only features their top 200 blogs.  You can vote for me once a day by coming to my blog and clicking on the TopBloggingMom's icon!  Thanks for your help!

And now my Housekeeping is over... we can now get back to Halloween!

Halloween 2011 came right after a major snow storm.... many of our neighboring towns cancelled their trick-or-treating because of downed trees and electrical wires.  We had MANY downed trees on our street but, for once, our electricity stayed intact and we proceeded with Halloween as usual.

We got our Halloween costumes from one of those Spirit! stores that appear around the end of September in a previously abandoned building.  One day there is nothing there but an empty parking lot and the very next day an entire store has been set up and customers are fighting for a space.  It's very appropriately spooky.

Josie chose to be Scarlett O'Hara because of the previously mentioned hoop skirt.  She doesn't know who Scarlett O'Hara is, so she told anyone who asked that she was a "country girl."  

If you are wondering if Scarlett O'Hara wore her hair in long braids, the answer is no.  The wig is part of a Dorothy costume.  Josie likes to mix and match.

Georgia chose a long red tunic that had some sort of Gothic Witch theme, but she preferred to wear it as Little Red Riding Hood. 

The wig.... well, the wig speaks for itself.

and what about Henry, you ask?  

Henry was a killer banana.  

Yes.  That's right.

I posed the children outside, by the snow banks for the annual photo and then we headed across town to Trick or Treat with our friends.

Introducing Spookie Janet.

The trick or treating was a rip-roaring success.  Georgia didn't bother to wear her wig because it was wretchedly ill-fitted and uncomfortable and Josie... well, maybe you remember what happened last year with Josie (and if you don't, click here) and her Halloween costume?  Josie likes to switch up her look as the day goes along and this year was no exception.  First, Josie removed her hat and wig... then the hoop skirt made running up snow-covered lawns difficult, so she removed the dress entirely.  Then she added a frog hat for warmth and told people who asked that she was dressed as a frog.  It's never a dull moment with that child.

We got back home three hours later, filled with candy and exhausted.

Exactly how Halloween is supposed to be, right?

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