Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Hippo Pumpkin

On the Sunday before Halloween, Gordy carved the family pumpkin.

It was too snowy and cold to carve the pumpkin outside like we normally do, so we had to spread newspapers and do the work in the kitchen.

The children were very excited.

Especially Josie, who was eager to eat some roasted pumpkin seeds.

Gordy began by cutting off the stem and removing the pumpkin gunk.

I put Josie in charge of separating the seeds from the pulp, and placing the seeds on the baking tray.

This is how many Josie separated before she became bored and left the kitchen:


Perhaps not her best effort.

Henry was given the task of choosing the pumpkin's design and he wanted to do some sort of angry hippo face.   Below, is Gordy's interpretation of A Hippo Pumpkin:

Gordy began to carve the pumpkin....  entertained, no doubt, by the witty banter and warm company of his three wonderful children.


Where are the children?

That's right.  No sign of any child.  

All who were left were two parents, neither of whom had any interest in having a carved pumpkin in the first place.

How did that happen?


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