Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Karaoke Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving morning, Grandma and Grandpa arrived with a new toy for the Elliots:  a karaoke machine.  The children wasted no time in getting it out of the box and plugged in.

Henry warmed up with such hits as "Tonight, Tonight," and "Cooler Than Me," while the girls danced around the basement.

They did the lawn mower...

and the Shopping Cart and then they broke into a spontaneous soccer game:

Next it was Josie's turn - she performed a Taylor Swift song from the Girl Pop 15 Album.

The Karaoke machine was a huge hit... for everyone, apparently.  A few hours later, the kids were eating a snack in the kitchen.  Grandma was working on a side dish for Thanksgiving dinner and Grandpa was watching football.... so why could I still hear songs pouring out of that karaoke machine?

I snuck down the stairs, camera in hand.... hoping to catch the Adult North American Dork in his natural habitat:

At first, I saw nothing... but then... wait!  what is that in the far corner of the basement?!

Could it be? 

Yes!  It is!  A Gordy, singing to "Boom Boom Pow."  

I caught you, Gordy!

Behold the 41 year old, alone in the basement, singing his heart out and pretending he is a Black Eyed Pea.  

And it should be known that Gordy has a voice that only a mother could love --- and I mean HIS OWN MOTHER who is literally the only person who loves his singing.

The rest of us Just Endure.

On their break from karaoke-ing, the children joined us for cheese and crackers in the family room:

And helped set the table in the dining room:

We ate a late afternoon turkey and we planned to follow the dinner with a singing performance in the basement.

Once the turkey had been consumed and the pie devoured, the children put out chairs for the audience:

Gordy and Grandma were wearing hats made by Josie for the occasion.

First to perform were Henry and Georgia doing a duet:

Next came Josie...

and then Georgia and Josie paired up for one number.

And then the real nightmare began.

Gordy and Henry were going to sing a duet.  

And you know Gordy got really in to it.

I should point out that singing in tune when using a karaoke machine is trickier than you would think.  And I should also point out that singing in tune is tricky for these two beloved family members of mine under even normal circumstances.

I tried to tune all the screeching out by fixing my gaze on something else.  

I choose my shoe:

Cute, huh?

I looked back up to see this:

... arm movements.  Could it get worse?

Hope you had a quieter Thanksgiving!

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