Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Singing To The Oldies

On Halloween, Josie brought her Scarlet O'Hara costume (chosen, I'm sure you can guess because of it's hoop skirt) to school in a bag...  

and in the afternoon, the first graders put on their costumes and left school for an important field trip.  

They were off to sing to some local oldies.

I met Josie and her classmates outside of the school and walked with them to the Senior Citizen's home two blocks away.

Josie buddied up with her friends, The Ellies.

One Ellie was a Native American Princess and the other Ellie was a cheerleader.  Both girls' costume was more practical than Josie's hoop skirt.  

I made a note to myself to pin up said Hoop Skirt before trick or treating that night.

It didn't take the first graders long to make their way to the oldies.  When we got into the small room, we found 7 ladies seated in chairs, ready to hear the children preform.

I was rather shocked at the oldie to first grader ratio.  

We brought 55 First graders and more than a handful of parents plus three teachers.  

The room was pretty full.

I made another mental note to ALWAYS attend children's performances when I am an oldie living in a home.  I will drag my sisters, Meredith & Elizabeth, with me as we will undoubtably be living with each other by then.  After all, who else will want us.

Josie and her classmates sang and recited poetry.  They did a beautiful job.

We walked back to school, feeling happy that we had done a good deed.

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