Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Unexpected Surprise

The other day, I came home from Target with slippers for Georgia and Josie.... and a few other things, naturally, because it is my experience that one never leaves Target without spending $100.  

The slippers were a very exciting purchase, because Josie has ALWAYS wanted slippers.

I know what you are thinking, you are wondering why I have never bought my daughter slippers before... and I really have no answer.  I mean to buy slippers, but when the back to school shopping has begun and I buy a new pair of sneakers and the new pair of school shoes (or Party Shoes as we call them) for all three of the children and then I go on to purchase each child the next size up snow boot because last year's doesn't fit them any more and the pair out-grown by their older sibling is hanging together by a thin thread... and then I buy the ballet shoes and the soccer cleats and the lacrosse cleats and the INDOOR soccer and lacrosse cleats and the hockey skates... you get the picture.  Well, after all THAT, buying a pair of frivolous slippers seems ridiculous.  I mean, why can't they just wear socks?

But then I was at Target and I saw some adorable little Ugg-like moccasins in the girls' section and they all but leapt into my cart.  That is just what happens when you spend too much time in Target.

I knew that this was a happy, happy day:  Josie was going to get her slippers at last.

Or so I thought... until I got them home and realized that the pair I got for Josie was way too big for her tiny feet.  What great disappointment!  What melancholy!  What tragedy!  Josie was beside herself with sadness.  It would have been better to have arrived home with no slippers at all.  I went downstairs and ordered the correct size on the internet, but this didn't make Josie feel much better.  She is not a girl who enjoys delayed gratification or suffers fools gladly.  Josie went to bed more than a little sad that night and we all were forced to listen to her "poor girl has no slippers" sobbing.

In the morning, Josie woke to find this at her doorstep:

Georgia is a night-owl and she stayed up a little later than usual to act as elf to Josie's cobbler.

Is there anything better than finding a present on your threshold in the early morn?

Josie was very interested.

In case you can not read Georgia's card, it says (spelling mistakes included):
"Dear Josie.  I hope you like the gifts.  If you do not like the gifts, you can return them to me.  Remember, these are only temperery slippers so they may brake.  xoxoxo love, Georgia"

Temperery slippers?

Josie was intrigued.

What could be in the box?

Ah, knitting-machine slippers made with J.P. Knit & Stitch yarn!  

How gorgeous.

And how very sweet!

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