Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Oh, the stress of being a child on Christmas morning, having to suffer silently at the top of the stairs while your parents prepare the first pot of coffee and turn on the  Christmas tree lights!

Luckily, the wait is not too long!

The Elliots and The Southerns opened their gifts from Santa first:

Josie found this amazing hedgehog wallet in her stocking.

Santa gave Georgia an Ipod Nano with a touch screen:

thus setting off a heated debate about what she should do with her old, basic ipod shuffle:  Gordy and I thought she should pass it on to Josie, while Georgia felt such a move would be wildly unfair considering the fact that Josie is 6 and Georgia had to wait until she was 8 to own an apple music product.  

We shelved the discussion for the time being.  

There were presents under that tree for me and I wanted to get them unwrapped pronto.

We take turns opening presents on Christmas so that we can see what every one gets.

and if you are Dorothy, this slow process gives you ample time to try to claim some of the squishier packages as your own:

Henry got this fabulous pair of sunglasses:

and Josie received a floor piano:

One of the Southern Sisters got a Modern Family trivia game and so that is what we played in the afternoon while waiting for dinner to cook:

We don't dress for Christmas dinner, but we still looked fancy, especially after I passed out English Christmas Crackers and we all donned the crowns:

Elsie made another fabulous Kransikage:

(Norwegian Wedding Cake) and while we ate it's marzapan-y sweetness, the children entertained us with a little song and dance routine that they had written over the summer:

Here are the lyrics:

Lily, Lily, Lily is silly
Avery, Avery, she likes to eat gravy
Henry, Henry, Henry is 11
Georgia, Georgia, Georgia from Georgia
Josie, Josie, Josie is cozy
Martha, Martha, - her middle name is Dartha!
Meredith, Meredith, she has a lot of hairdith
Gordy, Gordy, Gordy is sporty
John, John, he likes to mow the lawn
Granny, granny she doesn't get tan-ny
Grandfather, grandfather he likes to garden
Elsie, elsie, she likes to collect sea-shell-sies
Elizabeth, Elizabeth we can't rhyme her name
Sean, Sean, he used to be a skater
Yuki, Yuki, Yuki is cu-kie
Tulip, Tulip happily in Heaven
Dorothy, Dorothy she has red shoes

It was highly entertaining, especially during the Sean part, when the kids all pretended to be balancing on a skateboard.

After the dance, the children went to the basement to play with their gifts but Josie remained and went through the routine a second time for good measure.

You can never have too much of a good thing!

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