Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Sometime around 3:00pm on Saturday, Josie got ready for Christmas Eve.  She put on her fancy dress, her new tights, had me tie her black sash and dictated exactly how she wanted her hairstyle to be accomplished.  

I didn't have the heart to tell her that the Christmas Eve festivities weren't scheduled to commence until 5:30... 6:00 at the latest.

Christmas can never come early enough for a six year old.

Henry, on the other hand, is an old hat with this Christmas Eve thing and while Josie was posing by the fireplace in all her finery, Henry was lounging in a chair, in sweatpants and athletic socks.

They might only be five years apart in age, but they were worlds apart in holiday cheer.

Granny helped the process by being the second one dressed and by playing Christmas carols on the piano to get us all in the mood:

Josie encouraged us all to hurry up!

Eventually, time listened to her pleas and 5:30 finally arrived.  I took the children's traditional Christmas picture by the fireplace:

Please note that while Josie is completely dressed, Henry is still wearing his sweat socks and no shoes and Georgia has eschewed footwear of any kind is parading around bare foot in December.

And while we are at it, please note that Henry is wearing a hand-made, duct tape tie of his own design.  He would like me to let you know that he is taking orders.

Other people were ready for Christmas Eve to begin as well.  Elizabeth, Sean & Dorothy entered the photo booth...

followed closely by the Southerns:

I put my camera away and served appetizers and cocktails in the kitchen:

A few of us got annoyed that the pigs-in-blankets had to cool before we ate them:

and that we had to wait for Elizabeth to "Tebow" her thanks for the Healthful Martini:

While we ate dinner, Dorothy ate a stuffed pug dog that she found in the basement:

And then the moment that Josie had been waiting for arrived.... it was finally present time!

Josie waited patiently while other people received and opened their gifts, but she had to object when her concentration was disturbed:

Talk to the hand!

At last the magical first Josie present!

It is hard to wait for presents to be passed out and opened.

My favorite present of the evening was my gift from Henry:

Duct tape flip-flops!

(again, Henry is happy to take orders!)

Soon the pile of presents under the tree was gone.

One of us was exhausted and ready for bed:

Poor Josie, Christmas Eve was over too soon!


The Royal Couturier said...

how cute your children are !
you all looked amazing !
Henry's tie is super cute :)
did he make you those flip-flops himself ?

Martha said...

Thank you! Henry did indeed make the flip-flops all on his own. They are pretty sturdy as well, if you can believe it!

I've been following all the news from Egypt in my New York Times and thinking of you!

The Royal Couturier said...

Well done ! that means that you have a Louboutin in your house .... a younger yet better version :))

we're alright here , just doing our best to get our revolution perfected , we didnt make Mubarak step down to get 19 Mubaraks ! but we're alright , they are trying to fool us but they can't !
so nice of you that you're following our news , wish us luck :)

Martha said...

Good luck, indeed! It must be a very exciting (albeit uncertain) time to be in Egypt.

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